SNSD YoonA will star in the movie 'Date at 2 PM' with Kim Seon Ho

 SNSD YoonA Kim Seon Ho movie

Projects keep on coming for SNSD's YoonA!

On September 13th, it has been announced that she has been cast in the upcoming movie titled 'Date at 2 PM'.  It will be a fairytale-like rom-com about a woman with an unbelievable secret, and a man living upstairs, who get to meet everyday!

snsd yoona kim seon date at 2PM
This photo was when YoonA and Seon Ho hosted MBC Gayo Daejun last year.

YoonA's leading man for this movie would be Kim Seon Ho, the actor who is was well loved in the drama 'Start Up'.  He also has ongoing drama titled 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha'.

YoonA's movie 'Date at 2PM' will begin filming in March of 2022.

 snsd yoona kim seon date at 2PM

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