[Updated] Tiffany and Sunny went to watch YoonA's 'MIRACLE'


SNSD YoonA's movie titled 'Miracle' will be finally in theaters on September 15!

To show their support, Tiffany and Sunny came to watch their premiere yesterday, and as a proof, you can see their photos with YoonA below~

Update: 210914 Tiffany and Sunny sharing how fun and touching the movie was after watching it.

"Sunny: Went to go watch #Miracle starring Yoona with Fany!!!
Cultural life for the first time in a while 🥲
Great for the whole family to watch at Chuseok!
It’s fun, cute, beautifully sad and adorable movie!!!!
First of all, Yoona is too cute and lovely so be sure to watch it♡"

Sunny's Instagram

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