Kim Taeyeon's 'Can't Control Myself' is here!

 SNSD Taeyeon Can't Control Myself


Taeyeon - 'Can't Control Myself' MV Behind the Scenes


Taeyeon - 'Can't Control Myself' MV

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Taeyeon 'Can't Control Myself' Lyrics (English/Korean)


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SNSD Taeyeon's 3rd Full album is coming soon!

More details are yet to be revealed but before that, Kim Taeyeon will be pre-releasing her song titled 'Can't Control Myself' on January 17th at 6PM KST.

MV Teaser:

Teaser Pictures: 


Along with these stunning teaser pictures, SM Entertainment also revealed, "TAEYEON participated in writing the lyrics of her new song ‘Can’t Control Myself' and heralded emotional stimulation with her appealing voice!"

On another note, Taeyeon once again proved her prowess as a female solo singer by ranking No.1 on '10-year cumulative album sales'.

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