Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 8 (Recap)

Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 8

 Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 8 (Recap)

Krystal Jung as Lee Shin-A

The secret is out!

No Go Jin finally told Lee Shin-A that all this while, he really didn't have amnesia and he was just acting.  Hearing this was a huge shock to Shin-A that's why she fainted.

Nothing changed after she woke because she is now under Go Jin's mercy.  He threatened to sue her for fraud or she can just choose to be Go Jin's hostage and keep on pretending as his fiancee.

Shin-A had no choice but to keep on pretending as Go Jin's fiancee.  But this time, things got a bit worse as Go Jin also made her do house chores like cleaning his room and his bathroom.

Although it was forced, Shin-A only got a bit of pampering later on when Go Jin asked his people to groom Shin-A for an event.

Everything is set, and it looks like even Go Jin fell for Shin-A's charm after seeing her transformation.

At the event, No Go Jin was surprised by Baek SooYoung's but as if it was planned, he finally introduced Lee Shin-A as his fiancee.

Go Jin and Shin-A quickly left the event after their announcement but as they were about to leave the venue, SooYoung tried to stop them that's why Go Jin decided to do something as you can see in the picture above, and in the final scene of this episode.

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