Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 11 (Recap)

 Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 11

 Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 11 (Recap)

Krystal Jung as Lee Shin-Ah


After confessing to Shin-A last episode, we finally get to know about the things that Go Jin read in Shin-A's diary.  There was Shin-A's hate for Go Jin, how she badly wants to be an instructor, and her "cancer" which turned out to be a misdiagnosis.


Not knowing that Shin-A is not really sick, Go Jin became honest about how he truly feels for Shin-A, but Shin-A is not yet ready to accept his feelings.


The next morning, Go Jin went to Shin-A's house to tell her that she can go back to her job.


When Shin-A refused, Go Jin used the sympathy card.  He sent one of his staff to tell Shin-A that they would be fired if Shin-A won't go back to work.

Go Jin's plan was successful and his next operation begun.  He started by helping Shin-A carry the snacks that she bought.


And he even prepared a healthy buffet just for his girlfriend.

At this point, we can say that Go Jin has gone crazy about Shin-A.  He went to visit her that night but Shin-A accidentally splashed water on his face.


Shin-A helped him dry his clothes and while at her room, Shin-A's Father suddenly arrived.


They thought he would be angry after seeing them inside the room but Shin-A's Father was happy to see them and he even asked when they are planning to have a baby.


As for this scene, Shin-A was angry after finding out that Go Jin removed her from the list of candidates for the next instructors.



On the other hand, there's SooYoong who offered Shin-A to be one of Baek Edu's instructor.

Finally at the last scene, Go Jin confessed about the reason why he removed Shin-A from the list of aspiring instructors.  Seeing them so close to each other, you know what happened next, right? 😘

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