Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 13 (Recap)

 Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 11

Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 13 (Recap)

Krystal Jung as Lee Shin-Ah

Noh Go Jin finally admitted to Baek SooYoung that he really doesn't have amnesia.  SooYoung thought that they could get back together but Go Jin made it clear that they are over and he has already fallen in love with Shin-Ah.

After meeting SooYoung, Go Jin received Shin-Ah's call but she was surprised when Go Jin told her to meet him after 10 minutes.   Shin-Ah was worried but she couldn't help but smile when he said that he's there just because he missed her.

Shin-Ah then took Go Jin's phone, took some selfies and said that whenever he misses her, he can just look at her pictures.

Their sweet moments didn't stop there as the next morning, Shin-Ah prepared a meal for Go Jin.

Did Go Jin liked it?  We think so!

Now desperate, SooYoung went to meet Shin-Ah.  She told her about her past relationship with Go Jin and asked Shin-Ah to break-up with him.

Shin-Ah pondered about it overnight...

And the next morning, she told SooYoung, "No", she won't be breaking up with Go Jin.

In this episode, we also saw Shin-Ah working hard to achieve her dream of becoming an instructor.

So hard that Go Jin was sulky thinking that Shin-Ah was neglecting her duties as his girlfriend.

They finally had time together when Shin-Ah's brother went to Go Jin's house.  Upon hearing it, Shin-Ah immediately went to Go Jin's house to stop Suho.
We also saw Go Jin's jealous side as he followed Shin-Ah who went to meet her old classmates.   That's after thinking that "Hee Seok" is a man.
On the other hand, Oh Se Gi finally executed his plans to oust Go Jin as Go Top's CEO by accusing him of tax evasion.  Shin-Ah was worried so worried about Go Jin but he assured her that's he's okay.  He even went to her house just to hang out.
Towards the end of the episode, Shin-Ah discovered the hidden room at Go Jin's office.  There she found that Oh Se Gi, the Vice President of Go-Top is the one behind Go Jin's accident.

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