SNSD YoonA's pictures and videos from 'King the Land'

YoonA's upcoming romantic comedy titled 'King the Land' is coming this fall!

'King the Land' Synopsis:

The drama centers around Gu Won, a sophisticated and stylish young man from a wealthy family that owns and operates the King Group. He becomes embroiled in a contentious dispute over his family's inheritance. Although intelligent and charming, Gu Won struggles in the dating scene due to his inability to detect insincere behavior.

Meanwhile, Cheon Sa-Rang (played by YoonA) is a cheerful and optimistic individual who lands a job at the King Hotel, which holds many fond memories from her childhood. Despite facing numerous challenges while working there, she experiences personal growth. Gu Won and Cheon Sa-Rang cross paths and form a romantic relationship.

As the drama has already started airing, this post will be continuously updated with YoonA's clips and pictures from 'King the Land'.

YoonA's vlog from her 'King the Land' filming in Thailand


230705 YoonA's behind the scenes from King the Land

230705 More of YoonA's official pictures from King the Land

230702 YoonA's teaser pictures from King the Land

YoonA's 'Ask me Anything' for Netflix

YoonA's vlog from 'King the Land'

YoonA and Junho tries doing ASMR | Do Not Disturb Interview

Posters for YoonA's 'King the Land'

230504 'King the Land' drama trailer [2]

230504 'King the Land' drama trailer [1]

230429 YoonA at the script reading of King the Land

230321 YoonA's still pictures from King the Land

230104 YoonA and Junho's greeting and fan sign for King the Land


After seeing their chemistry in the 2021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon, fans are in for a treat as it has been revealed that SNSD's YoonA and 2PM's Junho will star in the upcoming drama with the tentative title 'King the Land'.

SNSD YoonA King the Land

The said drama will be a romantic comedy which will revolve around the world of hoteliers.

'King the Land' will start filming this Fall of 2022.

King the Land Korean Drama

YoonA King the Land, YoonA Junho King the Land, King the Land Korean Drama

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