SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 6 Recap

  'Jinxed at First' Episode 6 Recap

'Jinxed at First' aka 'The Jinx’s Lover'

SeoHyun as Lee Seulbi | Na In Woo as Gong Soo Kwang 

'Jinxed at First' Episode 6 Recap

As expected, it was Daeshik (Mr. Wong's minion) who is behind the attack on Sookwang at the warehouse.  Seulbi was about to rush to where Sookwang was but Daeshik suddenly appeared to abduct her as well.

Daeshik brought Seulbi to the warehouse were she found the unconscious Sookwang.

The two were left behind at the warehouse and when they noticed that there was a bomb, the two did all that they can do to untie themselves.

The two were able to free themselves but they couldn't get out of the warehouse as all the doors were locked.  With just seconds to go before the bomb blows, Seulbi assured the panicking Sookwang that it will be okay.

It turns out that Seulbi used her ability to stop the bomb but it took a toll on her health.  With the help of Mr. Wang, Sookwang managed to get her home to let her have some rest.

Sookwang was so worried about Seulbi but thankfully, She was back to normal the next morning.

She even prepared some breakfast for Sookwang.

While having their breakfast, Sookwang tried to confront Seulbi about what/who she really is but Seulbi wasn't ready to answer him just yet.

Sookwang also noticed that Seulbi lost her necklace.  Seulbi told him that the necklace would eventually find its way back to her, and true enough, they got the necklace back from Daeshik.  That's after Daeshik experienced some extreme allergic reactions from the necklace.

The market vendors witnessed all that, and they were quick to assume that Seulbi is a witch or somewhat possessed.  They brought her to a shaman, and amazingly it seemed that the shaman knew that Seulbi is of a higher being.

After all that happened earlier, Sookwang was finally ready to admit his feelings for Seulbi.  
It was raining so hard, and knowing that his roofs are leaking, he hurriedly went back to check on Seulbi only to find out that she was busy protecting his books that are getting drenched in the rain. 

With Sookwang's confession, are they a couple now?  We think so as they sealed it with a kiss.

Also in this episode, a man who was looking for Seulbi appeared.  Without knowing that he is Seulbi's Father, they ended up hiring him as their part-timer.

Now that they are a couple, Seulbi's thought of renovating their home.  He asked Mr. Wang for help, and she was able to get some money by selling some of the jewelry that her mom gave her.

A while later, Seulbi finished renovating their home and she was able to surprise Sookwang who thought that she just went home early because she is feeling unwell.

Everything was going fine but the episode ended with Seulbi saying "Don't go, Sookwang" after they held hands and a vision came into her mind.

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