SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 1 Recap


Jinxed at First aka The Jinx’s Lover

SeoHyun as Lee Seulbi | Na In Woo as Gong Soo Kwang 
The wait is finally over for SeoHyun's latest drama!
 'Jinxed at First' Episode 1 Recap
We start the first episode with Seulbi's Mother telling her about their family's history, their special abilities as an Oracle (eg. reading the future/bringing luck), and why they had to live a secluded life.

Fast forward, we first see the 20 year-old Seulbi, living secretly inside the Keumhwa Hotel together with her Mother (in a way, they are being held captive by Seon Sam-joong the owner of Keumhwa Hotel as his lucky charm).  

She hasn't seen the outside world for 20 years and her only form of entertainment was reading books.  One day, Chairman Seon's son, Min-joon, brought his friends over to their home to have fun.  Hearing their noise piqued Seulbi's interest that's why she kept banging on the door for them to hear her.

It seems that only Gong Soo Kwang (played by Na In Woo) heard her, and that lead to their first meeting, well almost because Seulbi only saw him through the hole.  

Seulbi managed to escape from her room, followed Soo Kwang, and eventually their first meeting happened at the elevator.

Soo Kwang didn't know it at first but Seulbi kept on following her, he even had to pay for her bus fare as Seulbi was persistent in following him up to his mother's fish shop.

The two arrived at the shop of SooKwang's mother where they were treated to a delicious meal.  While at it, Seulbi's ability helped them to sell 100 pieces of mackerel.

That didn't stop there as Seulbi became Soo Kwang's lucky charm when they went to the amusement park.  Soo Kwang won every game with ease.  Also, a closed amusement park even re-opened just for Seulbi.

Not knowing about Seulbi's condition, Soo Kwang eventually took her back to the hotel.  There, the angry chairman was waiting and Seulbi ended up being locked again with her Mother.

In just one snap, it felt that Soo Kwang lost all his luck.  Soo Kwang was fired from his job at the Keumhwa hotel, his mother died from an accident, and someone also tried to kill him.

Two years later, after surviving from the attempted murder, Soo Kwang is now living under the name of Myung Sung.  He's infamous for being the icon bad luck at Seodong Market.

As for Seulbi, she is now helping Chairman Seon's son, Min-joon, as his lucky charm.   Timely as it was, Seulbi managed to convince Minjoon to let her leave the hotel even just for one day, and during that day, Seulbi was able to see and confirm that Soo Kwang was still alive.

Seulbi and her Mother
After knowing that her Prince charming is still alive, Seulbi didn't waste any time.  Her mother helped her escaped and they were successful.

That would bring us to our second episode where Seulbi and Soo Kwang/Myung Sung finally meets again!

Bonus behind the scene pictures:

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