SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 4 Recap

  SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 4 Recap

Jinxed at First aka The Jinx’s Lover

SeoHyun as Lee Seulbi | Na In Woo as Gong Soo Kwang 

'Jinxed at First' Episode 4 Recap

 SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 4 Recap

Before we continue Seulbi's fight with Ms. Smile, we start the episode with Seulbi tasting her first coffee - "The deep and rich taste of life".  That's courtesy of Eunjung who tried to confront her about her real relationship with Sookwang.

SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 4 Recap

After that Seulbi took the liberty to jump inside their car and asked them to drive her to the market.

SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 4 Recap

There, Minjoon was waiting.  Seulbi was firm in saying that she's not coming back but Minjoon told her that Sookwang will be in danger if his Father finds out about them.  He promised that he would stop his Father so she should come back after getting some fresh air.

SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 4 Recap

Seulbi was down after that conversation but her mood changed after seeing Sookwang.

  SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 4 Recap

As a bonus, her fight with Ms. Smile was also a way for her to vent her anger.  But that didn't really escalate into a big fight as Ms. Smile ran away after hearing about her husband and the word "cat".


On another note, there's Mr. Wang who is now friends with Seulbi.  He even helped her send a letter through the post box.  But will their friendship stay when there's a huge money involve?  Will see that in the upcoming episodes.

But wait! Seulbi and Ms. Smile's fight isn't over just yet.  Seulbi learned about the malicious rumors that Ms. Smile has been spreading that's why she went to her store to confront her.  They started yelling at each other but Seulbi ended up helping her when she visualized that Ms. Smile's husband could be involved in a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme named Cattycoin.


Seulbi was right, and fortunately they were able to stop Ms. Smile's husband from illegally selling Cattycoin to their fellow market vendors.  To celebrate it, they went on for some chicken, beer, and soju.


It was Seulbi's first time drinking and she had too much that she even vomited on Sookwang while she was on his back.

Seulbi's drunken behavior didn't stop there as she also surprised Sookwang with a kiss.  

The next day, Sookwang was sulky about Seulbi not remembering their kiss but he had his own fun when he jokingly said that hungover is an incurable disease and Seulbi doesn't have enough time left.

On their way to the market, the two met a lost dog.  It turns out that the dog was a gift from Youngwoo's grandmother in Busan.  Their problem is that they couldn't keep it because of their restaurant.

In the end, Seulbi and Sookwang volunteered to return the dog to Youngwoo's grandmother in Busan, and that's where we are headed in the next episode!

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