SNSD's 'Soshi TamTam' episode teasers

SNSD Soshi Tamtam Poster

'Soshi TamTam' is the title of SNSD's upcoming reality show.  It will air its first episode on July 5 at 9PM KST.


SNSD's 'Soshi TamTam' episode 1 teaser clip

Teaser pictures

Behind the scenes from SNSD's pictorial

'Soshi TamTam' Teasers


'Soshi TamTam' episode teaser [3]

'Soshi TamTam' Teaser Making Film

'Soshi TamTam' episode teaser [2]

'Soshi TamTam' episode teaser [1]


SNSD's much awaited comeback is happening this August!

But before that, the girls will be treating us with their very own reality show.  More details are yet to be revealed but as expected of Girls' Generation, better prepare for their crazy and hilarious moments as well as their friendly and charismatic charms!

SNSD's reality show will air through jTBC this July. 


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