SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 12 Recap

  'Jinxed at First' Episode 12 Recap

'Jinxed at First' aka 'The Jinx’s Lover'

SeoHyun as Lee Seulbi | Na In Woo as Gong Soo Kwang 

'Jinxed at First' Episode 12 Recap

It's hectic at Geumhwa hotel with the two Seons battling for the right to manage the company.

Meanwhile, Seulbi is still not used to Seon Samjoong treating her well.  This time, he even came to give her gifts.  At this point, Seulbi still doesn't know that Seon Samjoong is her real Father.

Once again, Seon Dongshik came to seek Seulbi's help.

But just when she was about to read his fortune, Dongshik's Father called Seulbi.  Before she left, she said that she thinks she could get more money if she goes to Seon Iljoong instead.

Alas, the VIP that Seon Iljoong was referring to before was his Father.  He asked Seulbi to read his future and to find out if he has hidden shares in the company.


Sookwang and Chairman Seon Samjoong were one step behind as Seulbi has already read the former Chairman's future when they arrived at the facility.  All they can do was to take care of Seulbi who was exhausted after using her ability.

Back at the hotel, Seulbi offered to read Seon Samjoong's fortune to help him win against Seon Iljoong.

Seulbi used her ability again which exhausted her even further.  In this scene, Seulbi went out of her mind after seeing Minjoon, she uttered the words, "It was you. You're the one who will take my curse away", surprising everyone.

Seulbi was only able to calm down after Sookwang hugged her.


A bit later, Sookwang came to check on Seulbi.  They had a serious conversation, and here, Sookwang asked Seulbi to wear her gloves again and to be careful from now on.  They sealed it with a kiss but little did they know that Minjoon was there watching them.

The next day, Seulbi and Sookwang went to Eun Okjin to talk about their plan on how they can win against Seon Iljung.  They also talked about how Geumhwa needs to collapse in order for them to be free.


The two also gathered up the market vendors to ask for help.


Towards the end of this episode, Seulbi met with Jung Hyuntae.  He called her "Dad" for the last time.  The two thanked each other, and Seulbi even read his fortune that he would find a wife and also have children.

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