SeoHyun's 'Jinxed at First' Episode 10 Recap

     'Jinxed at First' Episode 10 Recap

'Jinxed at First' aka 'The Jinx’s Lover'

SeoHyun as Lee Seulbi | Na In Woo as Gong Soo Kwang 

'Jinxed at First' Episode 10 Recap


Episode 9 ended with Chairman Seon accusing Seulbi of manipulating his son, and in this scene he continues to blame Seulbi and her mother.

During their conversation, they were able to make him realize that they aren't manipulating anything or anyone.  The oracles are just mirrors of what's inside inside his heart and mind.


As for Sookwang, he continues to long for Seulbi.  He even went to the place were they dated to reminisce their memories.

He then went back to Eun Okjin, the former Oracle who is now living as an ordinary person.  She told Sookwang her whole story on how she lost her abilities to live a normal life.  She also told him that Seulbi's body is full of bad luck and that if he doesn't find a way to make her a mortal (eg. break the gem in her necklace), she might become a demoness. 

 Meanwhile, Minjoon continues to impress Seulbi.


 He redecorated more rooms for Seulbi but while at it, she received a call from Sookwang.

Sookwang came to the hotel asking her to come with him.   He told Seulbi that he would make her a mortal but she replied that he's too late and that she doesn't want to be normal anymore.  She also returned the ring that Sookwang gave her.


Sookwang tried to stop Seulbi from leaving but Minjoon suddenly came.  Before she left, Seulbi's words were, "As you said, you might be the only person I can rely outside.  That's why I was so obsessed with you.  When we meet again, let's hang out as friends."

We believe Seulbi didn't really mean those words, she just knows that something's wrong with her that's why she is pushing Sookwang away.


Later on, Seulbi asked for Minjoon's permission to go out alone.

Minjoon allowed her and Seulbi went to meet her "Dad".  During their conversation Seulbi told him that she is not his daughter.  How could he be his daughter when he wanted to sell her for money?

Seulbi asked him to follow her, and they ended up at Seon Il Jung's office.  There Seulbi told Seon Iljung that she would use her abilities in exchange for money and that he should stop torturing her dad. 

Seon Iljung gladly agreed but just when Seulbi was about to read his fortune, he told her that he wants Seulbi to use it on another person which he will introduce to her later.


While at the market, Sookwang got a hunch that something was wrong when Seulbi's Dad suddenly left.  He came just after Seulbi and Hyun Tae's conversation with Seon Iljung.

Sookwang was angry as he thought that Hyun Tae was the one who brought Seulbi there but Seulbi assured him that she is fine.

Sookwang then brought Seulbi to the market and as expected, everyone was happy to see her again.

 At the restaurant, Seulbi began asking favor from each of their friends.

Maybe it was for them to leave so that she and Sookwang can talk but we'll find more about that in the next episodes.

Just when the two are starting to have a good coversation, Minjoon suddenly appeared to get Seulbi.  She didn't resist and told that Minjoon that she wasn't planning on running away.

The episode then ended revealing the favor that Seulbi asked from Mr. Wang.  That was to give the toys that his secretary would bring to Sookwang.

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