SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 1 Recap

 If You Wish Upon Me Episode 1 Recap

'If You Wish Upon Me'

 Choi Sooyoung as Seo Yeonjoo     |     Ji Chang Wook as Yoon GyeoRe

As a youth, GyeoRe enters foster care after running away from home, then goes into the system via juvenile detention and graduates to doing time in prison. Having always been in life-threatening situations, all GyeoRe wants to do is at least live once – as a free man. Things almost seem like it’s taking a turn for the worst as he becomes involved in a traffic accident, but it turns out he may get a break as he’s sentenced to community service. GyeoRe finds himself joining Team Genie (at the hospital where Seo Yeonjoo is working), with a group of colorful characters who are all there with a purpose of their own. Team Genie is the Make-a-Wish foundation of a hospice and by making wishes come true for terminally ill patients, GyeoRe starts to find purpose in his trouble-ridden life. As GyeoRe continues to search for that elusive thing called redemption, his past slowly catches up with him. -Viu

Episode 1 Recap
"Team Genie"


The episode starts with GyeoRe coming out of prison.  Keep reading to find out how he ends up meeting Yeonjoo.

Meanwhile, we first meet Yeonjoo at the roof deck doing her daily exercise.  


A while later, a girl came and they started using snow sprays along with the other people at the hospice.  


It's the project of Team Genie as they wanted to grant the wish of one of their patient to see the snow before he dies.


Their patient also wanted to go to the East Sea before he dies but as they were on their way, the patient had difficulty breathing.  The patient signed an advance directive for them not to do CPR but Yeonjoo disregarded it as they really wanted to grant his final wish.

Before they arrive at the East Sea, they also got into a car accident involving Gyeore.  Kang Taeshik's foot got injured but as they don't have enough time, he went down from the ambulance, went to Gyeore's car and told him to drive for them instead because it's his fault they got into an accident.

That was Yeonjoo and Gyeore's first meeting but they didn't interact that much.



 The patient survived, and upon their arrival at the East Sea, he breathe his last breath. 


Yeonjoo and Gyeore's second meeting was a different story though.

Gyeore ended up having to do community service at the hospice and as he arrive, Yeonjoo welcomed him by kicking his side mirror.

Does this mean war or will they somehow find a way to work together?  Look forward to Episode 2 of 'If You Wish Upon Me'.

As we see here, Yeonjoo's character is someone you wouldn't want to mess with.

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