SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 2 Recap

  If You Wish Upon Me Episode 2 Recap

'If You Wish Upon Me'

 Choi Sooyoung as Seo Yeonjoo     |     Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Gyeore

 Episode 2 Recap
"The Awful Driver"


The episode continues with Yeonjoo kicking the side mirror of Gyeore's car.  It turns out that Yeonjoo wasn't angry at him just because of the previous car accident but also because Gyeore almost ran over them on his way to the hospice.


Gyeore has started working as their driver but Yeonjoo is still skeptic about him.

Back at the hospice after working on a patient's request, Taeshik invited Gyeore to have dinner with them.  He went in but he refused to eat.

The next day, Yeonjoo noticed Gyeore cleaning the ambulance.  She tried to talk to him but they just ended bickering with each other.

The two also talked about the repair cost of the side mirror.  When Gyeore told Yeonjoo that it costs $18,000, she couldn't help but laugh in disbelief.

While on their way to help another patient fulfill his dying wish, doctors and nurses advised Yeonjoo to be mindful and not feel too much pressure on doing special things for their patients.

Team Genie finally arrived at the house where their patient requested to visit.  As Yeonjoo was trying to transfer the patient to his bed, she asked for Gyeore's help.


Gyeore declined at first but maybe it was Yeonjoo's smile that made him help her eventually, or maybe not?

During dinner, Gyeore refused to eat with them again but before she went to sleep, Yeonjoo gave him a snack after their short conversation.

Gyeore thought Yeonjoo already went to sleep but she was just sitting at the staircase and she also heard the heartfelt conversation of Gyeore and their patient.

He even made some persimmons as props throughout the night and Yeonjoo saw him as he was making them.

Gyeore isn't that bad after all.  Look forward to next episodes!


'If You Wish Upon Me' airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50PM KST.  You can watch the episodes on

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