YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 10 (Recap)

 Yoona Big Mouth Episode 10

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 10 (Recap)

 Im YoonA as Go Miho | Lee JongSuk as Park Changho

Continuing from Episode 9, will we finally meet Big Mouse?  The answer is Ye...not yet. 

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 10 (Recap)

As Changho was waiting for "Big Mouse" at their meeting place, Park Yoongap, the director of Gucheon Prison suddenly appeared.  He claimed that he is Big Mouse but Changho was quick to notice that he is just another puppet of the real Big Mouse.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 10 (Recap)

Regarding Miho and Jerry, it turns out that Jerry was just outside that's why Miho couldn't see him earlier.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 10 (Recap)

Thinking that Changho's suspicion was wrong, Miho was able to breathe a sigh of relief after seeing Jerry.  She left after having a brief conversation.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 10 (Recap)

They may have succeeded in making her resign from Gucheon University Hospital but they can't stop Miho from unraveling the secrets behind Professor Seo's research paper.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 10 (Recap)

Miho applied as Gucheon Prison's Nurse and during the interview she was surprised that her Head Nurse and colleague were also there applying to provide support.

Both of them stated that they aren't willing to work with each other.  During their interview, an emergency appeared, and with that, Miho was able to prove her worth. 

In the end, Director Yoongap chose Miho over the two.

Miho then accompanied the injured inmate to the hospital.  They asked the doctor if he tested positive for illegal substances, and the Doctor said no.

Miho knows that the patient won't test positive if the illegal drug is still not out in the market that's why she took the patient's blood to do her own test.

We then see Miho handing the blood to an unknown person.

The next morning, it's Miho's first day as the Nurse of Gucheon Prison.  She was warmly welcomed by Changho's room leader.

Although not that warm, she was also welcomed by Director Park Yoongap.

After bargaining questions with the Director.  Changho and Miho finally had the chance to meet each other.

Changho tried to convince Miho to leave because it's going to be dangerous inside the prison, instead, she was able to convince him that she's the only one who can help him extract and test the blood of the inmates.

On another note, Changho's plan worked.  Director Park Yoongap was arrested for extorting money from the inmates and he was immediately replaced by Gan Sucheol as chosen by Mayor Choi Doha.

With the Director of the Prison now on Changho's side, he can even walk Miho to the parking lot.  

Towards the end of the episode, Director Juhee of the Gucheon University Hospital had an accident.  Upon hearing it, Changho couldn't help but think that it's the same thing that happened to him before.

**Things are getting more interesting! Stay tuned for Big Mouth's upcoming episodes next Friday and Saturday.

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