YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 4 (Recap)

 Yoona Big Mouth Episode 4

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 4 (Recap)

Im YoonA as Go Miho | Lee JongSuk as Park Changho


Changho survived another riot as his ward leader save him from getting stabbed.

As for Miho, she continues her work at Gucheon University Hospital.


Since she refused to voluntarily resign, it seems that they will do anything to find a reason to fire her.  


One patient got into a shock after she administered his medicine but Miho said that she was just following what's on the bulletin.  They checked the records and the dosage changed from 2mg to 1mg.  Good thing Miho was able to take a picture of the bulletin that's why she was able to prove that it wasn't her mistake.

The reason why Miho applied at Gucheon University Hospital was to find Professor Seo's missing paper.  With no leads, she threw the bait by saying that she has the paper during their seminar.


True enough, someone took the bait.  While on her way home, Miho noticed that someone is following her.

She only felt safe after bumping into her Father at the alley.  Of course, she got a big shock before that.

Miho then got a call from Mayor Choi Doha asking her about the paper.  The two finally met and here, Miho admitted that she only lied and she is also looking for it.  

She tried asking the Mayor for help but when Miho started suspecting Choi's wife, Director Hyun Joohee of Gucheon University Hospital, he replied with "Because she's my wife.  I know her better than anyone", it was the same statement which Miho gave during her testimony.

Later on, Miho noticed a strange man at the subway.

This time, she is sure that he is really following her.  Miho called her Dad for help, and when they caught him, they found out that he is Mayor Choi's secretary.


Miho called Mayor Choi to come and explain himself.  The Mayor obliged and he also used this opportunity to give Miho the list of names that Changho requested through the phone.

Miho then visited Changho to give him the list of names.  Changho was finally able to breath a sigh of relief and said that he will explain everything later.

In the final scene of this episode, we see Changho on his way to meet Gong Jihoon who asked him to prove that he is really Big Mouse by naming his top clients.

Changho is confident because he already got the list of "Big Mouse's top clients" but he doesn't know that those names were from a fake ledger that was created by Gong Jihoon himself.

Will Changho fall into Jihoon's trap, or will he be able to prove that he is 'Big Mouse'?  Stay tuned for Big Mouth's episode 5 next week to find out!

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