YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 6 (Recap)

   Yoona Big Mouth Episode 6

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 6 (Recap)

Im YoonA as Go Miho | Lee JongSuk as Park Changho

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 6 (Recap)

Still thinking about what Mayor Choi told her, Miho arrived at home dazed and confused.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 6 (Recap)

Her Father tried to console but Miho said she needs to talk to Changho to clear things out.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 6 (Recap)

The next day, it was finally Gucheon University Hospital's charity event at Gucheon Penitentiary.  Although they tried to exclude Miho, she was still able to join them.

At the Penitentiary, Miho was surprised as she was warmly greeted by the inmates knowing that she is Changho's wife.

Moments later, a guard came and asked Miho to come with him as he will accompany her to the VIP room where Changho is waiting.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 6 (Recap)

Miho was surprised after seeing the VIP room where Changho is but more than anything, she wanted to hear the truth from him.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 6 (Recap)

Miho asked if he is really "Big Mouse" or not but Changho couldn't answer right away.

The reason was because of all the CCTVs inside the room.  That's why Changho lead Miho at the open grounds and told her everything.  During this scene, Changho told Miho everything.  He said that he is not "Big Mouse", but he is assuming his identity because that's what the real "Big Mouse" wants.

Changho also revealed that he is already in contact with "Big Mouse" and they are communicating through tarot cards.

During their lunch, the inmates continued to impress Miho by showing their respect to Changho.

As for Changho, he greeted Miho's colleagues one by one.  He even knows their past and secrets that's why everyone was speechless.  We'll see in the upcoming episodes if they will change their treatment with Miho or not.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 6 (Recap)

Impressed by her husband, Miho couldn't do anything but smile.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 6 (Recap)

While on their way out of the Penitentiary, Miho noticed Professor Jang Hyejin, who is the wife of one of the VIPs inside the facility, was experiencing some pain.  Miho tried to help her but she told her that she's okay.

While on her way to her night shift, Miho received a call from Kim Kyungsook.  She claims that Professor Seo's papers are in her hands but she will only give it if Miho will give her money.

Moments later, a body fell in front of Gucheon University Hospital and it was Kim Kyungsook who was on a call with Miho.   Before that happened,  she was able to give Miho a big hint that the papers are inside a cross necklace.

Miho was in shock but when she came back to her senses, she immediately went to Director Joohee thinking that the cross necklace that Kyungsook was referring to is hers but it wasn't. 

Mayor Choi came to Miho after hearing what happened.  He told her that his wife's necklace was from his late Mother-in-law.  He also asked if she already talked with Changho, and Miho's reply was that she chooses to believe in Chango till the end.

While at it, they made a few more searches and they found out that the cross necklace that they are looking for is in Professor Jang Hyejin possession.

The episode then ended with Changho grinning.  The VIPs thought they have outplayed him this time but Changho says otherwise.

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