YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 8 (Recap)

  Yoona Big Mouth Episode 8

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 8 (Recap)

Im YoonA as Go Miho | Lee JongSuk as Park Changho

Yoona Big Mouth Episode 8 Recap

Continuing from Episode 7, Changho woke up at a Mental Center.  Gong Jihoon appeared and it turns out that his plan was to give Changho a truth serum so he can ask him as to where he hid the 100 Billion Won.

They asked him and Changho's response was he doesn't know.  They also asked him if he is really Big Mouse, he answered that he isn't Big Mouse but they just thought that his mental state is so strong and he is still lying.

 Yoona Big Mouth Episode 8 Recap

Feeling groggy because of the Serum, Changho started reminiscing his memories with Miho.  He remembered the time when Miho helped him at the police station and told her Father that he is his best friend.

 Yoona Big Mouth Episode 8 Recap

Miho even prepared a meal for Changho after saving him at the police station.  As to why Miho did that, you'll see at the end of this post later.

Yoona Big Mouth Episode 8 Recap

Changho also remembered the time when he and Miho went hiking at Gudal Mountain.  Maybe that's why when he woke up again, he blurted out that he hid the gold there.

We still don't know how Big Mouth does it but it seemed he heard Changho that's why when Gong Jihoon and the others went to dig for the gold, they really found it, but just a piece.

As for Miho, they finally met Jang Hyejin.

Jang Hyejin is scared that's whe she was hostile to them but Miho gave her a document hoping that it would convince Hyejin to help them.

Back to Changho.  A fire broke out at the Mental Center and Jerry appeared to help him saying that Big Mouse paid him to do so.

Changho tried to contact Miho at the Hospital but she was on leave that day.

Changho got a text message from Big Mouse saying that he could stay at Hotel W.  He was nervous because there was a checkpoint on the way but it turns out that Big Mouse's organization is bigger than what we thought as the policeman just let him through.   Our only hint as of now is that their members have flaming sword tattoo.

The media outlets started reporting that Changho has escaped from prison.  Miho and her Father knows this isn't true that's why they did a protest in front of the prosecutor's office to prove that it wasn't a jailbreak but an abduction.

The protest went on and while at it, Miho noticed the Insurance Ad which continued running in front of them.  She suddenly remembered Changho giving him the insurance as a gift and when she called the hotline, it was really Changho who answered.

The two finally got to talk, and this time, Changho assured Miho that he will control everything this time.

The trial regarding Professor Seo's death is on.  Miho attended it and she also brought her laptop as it was also the day where Changho will do his live interview through a big Youtube channel.  

He introduced himself by saying, " Hello, I'm Big Mouse - Park Changho.  Should I predict something about the trial today?"

Who will win this battle?  Stay tuned for Big Mouth's Episode 9 next Friday~

Earlier in this post, we mentioned Miho saving Changho at the police station. 

In this prologue it was revealed that prior to that, the two met before when Changho (working at the convenience store) stopped Miho from buying milk which is about to expire.

Miho was thankful but then she overheard that Changho is buying the milk that are about to expire for half the price from his employer.  Miho thought that Changho only did that for his own gain but it turned into admiration when she heard that he bought the milk for his brothers at the orphanage.

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