YoonA at the events of 'Confidential Assignment 2'


 YoonA's 'Confidential Assignment 2' will be in theaters September 7, 2022!

 September 6, 2022 - YoonA at the VIP Premiere of 'Confidential Assignment 2'


September 5, 2022 - YoonA at the showcase of 'Confidential Assignment 2'


Original Post: August 30, 2022 - YoonA at the PressCon of 'Confidential Assignment 2'

Im YoonA's 'Confidential Assignment 2' will finally hit the theaters this September 7!

Ahead of that, YoonA and Hyunbin, and the rest of the cast met with the press today for their advance previewing.  

Below are YoonA's videos and pictures from today's event~

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