Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 1 Recap

 Yuri Good Job Episode 1 Recap

'Good Job' Episode 1 Recap

 Kwon Yuri as Don Sera  |  Jung Ilwoo as Eun Sunwoo

PLOT: The drama revolves around the story of Eun Sunwoo, a rich man who leads a second life as a detective, and Don Sera, a woman with a special ability.      Kwon Yuri plays the role of Don Sera, a woman with super vision.  She secretly uses her ability to help others but things started to change when she met Eun Sunwoo.

The episode starts with Sunwoo showcasing his skills as we see him in disguise looking for her Mother's lost necklace.

Yuri Good Job Episode 1 Recap

As for Don Sera, we first meet her riding her motorbike doing her job as a delivery girl.

Yuri Good Job Episode 1 Recap

While Sera was doing her deliveries, then came Sunwoo trying to escape from the guys that he attacked.  

 Yuri Good Job Episode 1 Recap

He saw Sera's scooter and rode it without asking permission.  Sera saw him but she was too late to stop him .

Yuri Good Job Episode 1 Recap

Sera continued with her deliveries even without her scooter.  Later that night, she noticed her scooter is back along with an envelop containing money.  It was Sunwoo's sidekick, Jinmo, who sneakily returned it but he forgot to bring Sera's pink helmet.

Yuri Good Job Episode 1 Recap

Turns out Sera really needed that money as she is working so hard doing deliveries, reporting wanted criminals, doing part-time at the casino, and more to earn deposit money for Soo Ah who will soon leave the orphanage.

  Yuri Good Job Episode 1 Recap

Speaking of Casino, we now see Sera serving at the Casino.  Her job isn't just serving though, as she also spots players who are cheating using her special ability; a Super Vision where she sees everything as sharp as an eagle's eye.

 Yuri Good Job Episode 1 Recap

Coincidentally, Sunwoo is also at the Casino trying to get a lead on where the lost necklace came from.  Sera caught a man stealing chips and when she saw him go to Sunwoo, she thought that they are together and immediately reported them.

Sera and the security reported them to the police but while waiting for them to arrive, Jinmo put on a show to help Sunwoo escape.

Sera tried to follow them but when she thought she already caught them at the rooftop.  Sunwoo suddenly jumped off the building.  As expected, Jinmo was there to catch Sunwoo using a garbage truck.

As if they are fated to meet.  It turns out that the bakery owned by Sera's friend is at the first floor of Sunwoo and Jinmo's building.  Sera and her friend went on to deliver cakes but when Sunwoo and Jinmo recognized Sera through the CCTV, they refused to accept it in person.

Sera and her friend left hesitantly but when they saw a package owned by Jinmo, they tried to carry it to the second floor.  Jinmo was furious when he saw that the two dropped the package so he went out immediately.

He didn't want to be recognized that's why he wore a helmet but the thing is he forgot that the pink helmet was owned by Sera.  Then came Sunwoo riding a van and he helped Jinmo escape.

Moments later, Sera realized that the helmet Jinmo wearing was hers.  She immediately followed them and once again, we see her using her Super Vision.  She managed to see Sunwoo from afar and she saw him barging into a house,  she also saw a lot of blood that's why Sera immediately reported it to the police.

The first episode then ended with the police arriving at the scene, telling Sunwoo to put his hands in the air.

*Can they solve this misunderstanding.  Will Sera and Sunwoo end up working together?  Stay tuned for the next episodes of 'Good Job'.

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