Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 2 Recap

  Yuri Good Job Episode 2 Recap

'Good Job' Episode 2 Recap

 Kwon Yuri as Don Sera  |  Jung Ilwoo as Eun Sunwoo

Episode 2 continues with Sera following Sunwoo and Jinmo.  From afar, using her "super vision", She saw Sunwoo barging into Oh AhRa's house.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 2 Recap

Still thinking that he is a thief, Sera immediately reported it to the police.

Inside Oh AhRa's house, Sunwoo noticed that everything was messed up.  There was also a lot of blood inside her room, and as the police arrive, that's what they saw too.  Now, their prime suspect is no other than Sunwoo.

Sunwoo came to the police station but he was eventually released as they don't have clear evidence that he was the one who did it.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 2 Recap

At her home, Sera finally discovered that Sunwoo is the chairman of Eunkang Group while watching the news about Oh AhRa.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 2 Recap

Back at Nahee's bakery, Sera contemplates on whether she should go to the police and confess what she saw.

While at it, Sera also learned that the people at the second floor of the building, Jinmo and Sunwoo, are trying to kick Nahee out of the building.  Upon hearing this, Sera immediately rushed to second floor to confront them.

 Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 2 Recap

They had no choice but to let Sera in.  She hated the fact that they are trying to kick out her friend that's why she said no even they offered a large sum of money.   Sera even threatened Sunwoo that she will tell the media that he is living a double life.


To resolve the situation, Jinmo then gave in and said that they won't force them to move out anymore.  Sera was happy about it that's why when she was about to leave, she told them that she also saw someone outside Oh AhRa's house that night.


They then went back to Oh AhRa's house where Sera told them what she saw and where the man carrying a luggage went after leaving the house.  They didn't want to believe her at first but Sera was able to prove that she's telling the truth when they saw a CCTV and reviewed its recordings.

After meeting with Sunwoo and Jinwoo, Sera also called the police and told them about the CCTV and the man with suitcase.  This time, she tried to change her voice so that the detective won't recognize here.

On their way out, Sunwoo and Jinwoo saw Sera again.  They asked her to come with them thinking that she could help them recognize the man in the CCTV footage.  Sunwoo also offered Sera to be his assistant, not as a Chairman but as a Detective's assistant.  Without hesitation, Sera quickly agreed.

They began their investigation, and here, Oh AhRa's manager recognized the man in the CCTV and said that he is Oh AhRa's stalker.

They went on and talked to the CEO of AhRa's agency.  Sunwoo took the chance to ask about the diamond necklace but the CEO said that he never saw AhRa wearing them.  Jinmo tried to threaten him a bit and finally, they got some more info.  He said that he thinks the necklace could be from a man whom AhRa frequently met at Club Alien.

The three then went to the said club and here, we see Sera's gorgeous transformation.  Their goal was to make her stand out while wearing the diamond necklace so that they can find the man who gave it to AhRa.

Nobody was coming so Sera and Sunwoo's friend then went inside the VIP room.  

Inside the room, Sera witnessed that TaeJoon, who is also working at Eunkang Group, was about to hit her friend with a broken bottle of glass.  She immediately disregarded her mission and tried to stop him.

Sera managed to stop TaeJoon but now, she's the one who is in danger.  Thankfully, Sunwoo came just in time to save her.


Sunwoo checked if Sera was hurt but as they were having a conversation, Sera suddenly stared into Sunwoo's eyes.  It turns out that through his eyes, she noticed the man at the back and he has a hidden camera inside his shirt.


Sunwoo confronted the man, and they found out that it was AhRa's manager.  They also found out that the CEO is also in it, and they are using the videos to blackmail their artists.

To help their investigation, the three then went straight to the CEO to retrieve the flash drive containing the other videos.

Sera called it a day and went home, but Sunwoo and Jinmo have started to notice her ability.

The next day, Sera received a call from Sunwoo.  He said that he'll give her a present if she passes his test.  He told her to come out and look at the rooftop of their headquarters.  Sunwoo asked "What does it say?".

Sera read the note saying "I found out your secret." but she tried to feint it by saying "How should I know what you're holding?".  But Sunwoo was one step ahead as he replied with, "I never said I was holding anything."

Sunwoo's claim became even clearer when he pretended to fall and saw Sera's reaction through the binoculars.  The episode then ended with Sera left speechless.

**What will happen now that they know each other's secrets?  Stay tuned for Good Job's episodes next Wednesday and Thursday to find out.

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