YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 12 (Recap)

 Yoona Big Mouth Episode 12

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 12 (Recap)

 Im YoonA as Go Miho | Lee JongSuk as Park Changho

Coming from Episode 11, where Mayor Choi ordered Gan Soochul to kill Miho and Changho, we are up for another intense episode!

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 12 (Recap)

As for Changho, did he finally meet Big Mouse this time?  The answer is YES!  All along, it was their room leader, Noh Park.  During their conversation, he revealed how and why he chose Changho.  He also said that someone told him to save Changho that's why they turned him into "Big Mouse".

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 12 (Recap)

Meanwhile, because of the power outage Miho had a problem with the blood samples.  She messaged Jang Hyejin about it not knowing that she's already dead.  Hyejin's phone is already in the hands of Mayor Choi who then replied saying that they should meet the next day.

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 12 (Recap)

As Changho and Noh Park/Big Mouse's conversation went on, Noh received a call that Miho is in danger.  Upon hearing it, Changho immediately rushed out and called Miho to warn her.

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 12 (Recap)

Miho tried to escape but all the gates were locked so she went back, secured the blood samples, and hid inside the medical room.  Changho couldn't get to her right away as he was cornered by the guards but thankfully, other inmates came to help him.  

The former warden, Park Yoongap, also helped him by leading him to a secret passage which lead to the medical room.

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 12 (Recap)

During this time, Miho was being attacked by the other inmates and one of the guards.  She was able to defend herself by using an injection and a fire extinguisher.   Miho almost got stabbed but thankfully, one of the death row inmates came to help her. 

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 12 (Recap)

That's not until Gan Soochul came.  When he was about to shoot Miho, Changho finally arrived and he started punching Soochul until he was left unconscious.

Big Mouse and Park Yoongap arrived and Yoongap shot Soochul without hesitation.  Minutes later, they were surrounded by the armed guards outside the room.  They had no choice but to call someone outside for help and Changho called Gong Jihoon.  Before this, Big Mouse said that he accepts Changho's offer, and it was about Big Mouse surrendering himself.

Big Mouse got arrested and while Gong Jihoon was so fond of Changho for helping him, Mayor Choi couldn't do anything but flash a fake smile as Miho also handed the blood samples to Jihoon.

Afterwards, Changho has been absolved and his case has been declared as a mistrial.  He has become a famous lawyer now that he has proven his innocence.  They even moved to a new office and celebrated it with Miho's Father and their friend.

As for the blood samples earlier, it turns out that the ones Miho gave to Jihoon were fake.  Their only problem now is they can't contact Jang Hyejin as they are still not aware that she's already dead.

What about Changho's plan?  It turns out that part of it was representing Big Mouse as his lawyer.  He even held a press conference saying that he will reveal the real mastermind behind Seo Jaeyoung's case.

Meanwhile, Miho continued looking for Jang Hyejin.  She went to meet her ex-husband, Han Jaeho, and upon telling him that Hyejin is missing, Miho noticed that he didn't seem to care at all.


After that, Miho continued with their investigation about the model inmates and followed them around Mount Haryong.  She got to the facility but as she was inspecting the place, the underground facility suddenly collapsed and she saw the inmates rushing out.

One of the model inmates there was Tak Kwangyeon, the death row inmate who helped her earlier.  When Miho couldn't find him, she decided to go in to save him.

Miho was able to save Kwangyeon but as for Changho, he was successful in getting Big Mouse's bail but he didn't expect that it was part of the enemy's plan.  The episode then ended with a big explosion.  Changho almost got burned too but he got out of Big Mouse's store before it happened.


**Many questions are still left unanswered.  Stay tuned for Big Mouth's new episodes next Friday and Saturday.

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