YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

  Yoona Big Mouth Episode 16

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 [Finale] (Recap)

 Im YoonA as Go Miho | Lee JongSuk as Park Changho

Make way for Boss Miho!

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

Coming from Episode 15, we see Miho and the members of the organization barging  into Fish Farm.  On their way, Miho was also watching Changho's Mayoral debate.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

After cornering all the workers at the fish farm.  Miho then showed up and started by calmly interrogating the one who is in charge.

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

But when the man refused to tell the truth, Miho then resorted in using some tricks just like Changho.  That's when Miho was able to confirm that the Fish Farm was using the wastewater from NK Chemical as their source of water.

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

They then gathered everything that can be used an evidence.  Miho and Jerry left to take it to the TV station where Changho and Doha are having their debate.  Doha's men were onto them but they were able to escape with the help of Kim Soontae and Park Yoongab.

  YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

Miho has finally arrived at the TV Station.  She was able to get a spot among the citizen representatives, and during their Question and Answer segment, Miho revealed that she is also a victim of NF9's radiation as processed by NK Chemical.  It was as also at this moment that Changho and Miho's Father found out about her terminal illness.

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

To support her claim, Miho also played the confession of the man-in-charge from the Fish Farm.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

After the debate, Miho left first and she requested Jerry to bring Changho to her.  She was at Changho's old law office, and here, Changho couldn't say anything but hug Miho.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

Miho tried to cheer him up by saying that they should be happy and make the most of what's left of her time, and to this, Changho said that he will do anything for Miho.

Following the TV Debate, Mayor Choi was investigated regarding NK Chemical but with his connections he was eventually released and wasn't charged of any case.

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

 The day of the election came but at the end of the day, Mayor Choi won over Changho.

YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 16 (Recap)

Mayor Choi may have won but his wife, Juhee, has switched sides.  She sent Mayor Choi's burner phone to Changho saying that it might help with the trial.

At the trial, they waited for Hyun Juhee but she was nowhere to be found and she wasn't able to testify against her husband.  In the end, Mayor Choi Doha was absolved due to lack of evidence.



Because of the stress from the trial, and her condition, Miho fainted and was rushed to the hospital.  Upon waking up, she told Changho that she's tired and she wants to sleep.  For the last time, Miho told Changho how much she loves him, Changho did the same, and he stayed with Miho during her final moments.


Later on, Changho went to Mayor Choi Doha.  Changho got his revenge as well as justice for the other victims by giving Mayor Choi a dose of his own medicine.  It turns out that Changho filled Doha's swimming pool with the radiation-contaminated wastewater from NK Chemical.


After that, the villains related with NK Chemical, and Professor Seo Jaeyoung were all punished.  Changho continued to be "Big Mouse", and his organization started donating huge amount of money to different charity institutions.

The drama then ended with Changho thinking about how he could be a "Good Big Mouse" as requested by Miho when she was still alive.

 - The End -


It was another wonderful drama brought to us by Im YoonA who showcased her impeccable acting skills!  Thank you for following 'Big Mouth' with us.  

Let's all look forward to YoonA's upcoming projects~

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