Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 11 Recap

 Yuri Good Job Episode 11 Recap

'Good Job' Episode 11 Recap

 Kwon Yuri as Don Sera  |  Jung Ilwoo as Eun Sunwoo

 Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 11 Recap

Coming from Episode 10, this episode continues with Sera confessing her feelings to Sunwoo.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 11 Recap

The two fell asleep after that and when they woke up, Jinmo and Nahee were there.  The two were quick to notice and they congratulated Sera and Sunwoo for their relationship.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 11 Recap

As they have just started dating, the two couldn't stop being sweet with each other.  But Sera then reminded Sunwoo that it is office hours and they should separate their personal life from work.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 11 Recap

Sunwoo couldn't help but think that the Chairman didn't commit suicide but it was a murder attempt.  Detective Gwangki, also heard the news so he went to talk to Sera as well as with Sunwoo.  Both of them have started their own investigation.

Nahee noticed that Sera's head was full of thoughts so to cheer her up, she suggested a beautiful place which Sera and Sunwoo can go to. 


That night, Sera immediately asked Sunwoo to go to the place which was suggested by Nahee.

It was a beautiful place filled with stars, and as the two were professing their love for each saying that they couldn't live without each other anymore, Nahee and Jinmo appeared to join their date.


It ended up being a double date but then an uninvited guest came.  It was Kim Jaeha who ordered one of his men to attack Sunwoo and Jinmo.


Sunwoo and Jinmo told Sera and Nahee that they are only going to buy some food but when they took so long, that's when Sera used her super vision to find them.  She saw the two and found out that they are in the middle of a fist fight.

As Sera continued scanning the area using her special ability, she also saw Kim Jaeha.  Their eyes met and here, Sera finally remembered everything from Jaeha's nickname as 'Blue Goblin' and how he killed Sunwoo's Mother.


Sera told them everything that she could remember.  After that, Sunwoo and the others left to find Jaeha but they left Sera at their hideout as she is still exhausted after using her super vision.


Sunwoo and the team arrived at Jaeha's place but he wasn't there.  It was too late when they found out that Jaeha has managed to enter their hideout.  Inside the hideout, Jaeha tried to kill Sera after learning that she can now remember how he killed Sunwoo's Mother.


The episode then ended with Sunwoo arriving at their hideout but Sera and Jaeha were nowhere to be found.  Sunwoo received a call from Jaeha asking him to follow them alone or Sera will die.

 Please stay tuned for the Final Episode of 'Good Job' tonight!

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