Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 6 Recap

 Yuri Good Job Episode 6 Recap

'Good Job' Episode 6 Recap

 Kwon Yuri as Don Sera  |  Jung Ilwoo as Eun Sunwoo


Continuing from Episode 5, it turns out that Sera wasn't fully awake.  She immediately went back to sleep after seeing Sunwoo.

 Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 6 Recap

As for Sunwoo, he was able to hide inside the cabinet that's why Sera's detective friend didn't see him.

Sera only remembered everything the next morning.  She was embarrassed after remembering that it was Sunwoo who took her home as well as everything that she said.


Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 6 Recap

Sera then went to Eunkang Group to do her work as Taejoon's secretary.  She did very well as she even stepped on Sunwoo's foot to stop him from entering the elevator and she also helped Taejoon with his wound which made Sunwoo even more sulky.

 Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 6 Recap

Taejoon was pleased with what Sera did so she ended up joining him for lunch.


There, Sunwoo instructed Sera to hack into Taejoon's phone.  Sera was successful and they found out the real reason why Taejoon is at the Chinese restaurant.  It was to meet a developer from a competing company.

 Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 6 Recap

Upon learning this, Sera, Sunwoo and Jinmo immediately executed their plan to intercept Taejoon's meeting.

Sera disguised as a server and she lead him to a room where Sunwoo is waiting.  Meanwhile, Jinmo was the one who went to Taejoon's room and he told him that the man that he was supposed to meet is under investigation that's why he can't come and their deal is off.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 6 Recap

 With their wonderful teamwork, it was another success for our trio.



Later that night, Sera received a call from Jinmo asking her to help save Sunwoo from his blind date.  Sera was hesitant at first but then she couldn't say no after Jinmo mentioned how they helped her rescue SooAh and about Sunwoo carrying her home the other night.

Sera then went to the hotel where Sunwoo is and here, Sera's showcase of aegyo is something you shouldn't miss.

It was another job well done for Sera but her work didn't stop there. She ended up going with Sunwoo in his room to avoid Sunwoo's secretary who was also there watching them.

Upon hearing the growling from her stomach, Sunwoo then told her that she could order anything.  To his surprise, Sera just ordered a bowl of tteokbokki.

Sunwoo said he's not eating but Sera got him good when she made it look like she was about to feed him but ate it instead.

After having a good meal, Sera immediately fell asleep.  Sunwoo transferred her into his bed and he went to sleep at his couch...

That's what Sunwoo did but how did they wake up in the same bed?

On another note, Sera's cover has been blown as Taejoon's secretary was also at the hotel that time.  He took this photo and showed it to him.

Stay tuned for the next episodes of 'Good Job' next Wednesday and Thursday.

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