TaeYeon celebrates her anniversary as a solo artist and as a member of 'Amazing Saturday'

Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes...

Can you believe it, it has already been seven years since TaeYeon released her solo album 'My Voice', and also two years since she joined 'Amazing Saturday'.  

To celebrate it, TaeYeon thanked fans by sharing "This is my present 😙 Thank you for congratulating me for the 7th anniversary of my solo debut 💜 Let’s go to the 777th anniversary with me".

As for TaeYeon's second year on 'Amazing Saturday', SooYoung congratulated Taeyeon by sending a coffee truck along with the message, "Cheering on Amazing Saturday family and Taeyeon-nim! Fighting^^".

To this, TaeYeon, added "😵💜…………… It's heart fluttering"

TaeYeon: "Hope the wings of your “Tears” dream can unfold… ❤️ Thank you, Sooyoung-ah!" 

Message: Next time, promising~ the full version of the song, “Tears”   Our Amazing Saturday family ❤️ Let’s be forever with our Taengoo  - From Sooyoung -

TaeYeon also shared a photo from the coffee truck which YoonA sent before.  She shared, "While I’m on it, showing off Yoona’s even though it’s late…..💜"

YoonA's Message:
"All cast and crew of Amazing Saturday, please eat deliciously and have strength! From Yoona who left behind “Tears” at Nolto"

"Members who include red bean shaved ice even though it’s autumn
because they know I like it 💜 Thank you sincerely"

Fans also sent their gifts for TaeYeon's 7th anniversary as a solo artist.

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