SooYoung's 'Fan Letter, Please' Episode 1 Recap

 SooYoung Fan Letter Please Episode 1 Recap

'Fan Letter, Please' Episode 1 Recap

Choi SooYoung as Han Kang Hee | Yoon Park as Bang Jeong Seok

Let's all enter the world of Han Kang Hee, a multi-awarded star in Korea!


But of course, if you're a top star, there will be people who would try to bring you down.   That's where the reporter named Son Hyeok Soo comes into the scene.  

He tried to blackmail Kang Hee by saying that she doesn't support her Mother but Kang Hee was quick to refute his claim upon seeing the video.  Hyeok Soo's plan failed but still, their confrontation went viral and netizens were quick to judge saying that Kang Hee was so rude.


 Kang Hee couldn't resist reading all the malicious comments against her...


and that lead her to imagining things like everyone's mad at her.  In her mind, even the fans waiting outside her car are also against her.


Still, Kang Hee managed to find a reason to smile while talking to her manager.

That's after giving a straightforward advice to her fans who asked for an autograph.  Kang Hee wrote, "At this rate, you'll get fired", and  "Do you want fail the exam? You should be studying instead of wasting your time here".


Despite the issue, Kang Hee still has a lot of fans.  Numerous gifts and fan letters came at their office but when her managers were about to put it inside her car, Kang Hee asked them to just keep the letters at the office and return the gifts.  At this point, Kang Hee thinks that some of the gifts and letters could also be from her anti-fans.


Later on, Kang Hee went to meet the writer of her drama.  She went to the comfort room and on her way back, she overheard the writer talking bad things about her.  Kang Hee immediately confronted him and then went out.


To make things worse, Kang Hee also stepped on a gum while on her way out.


Outside the restaurant, the drunk and mad writer still followed Kang Hee.  He was grabbing Kang Hee by her wrist, but thankfully the replacement driver which she called arrived to help her.


It was no other than Bang Jeong Seok, whom Kang Hee immediately recognized.

Inside the car, that's when Kang Hee confirmed that it was indeed Bang Jeong Seok from her high school days.

Was there something between them during their high school days?  Kang Hee's actions after entering her house gave us a few hints.

Kang Hee also reminisced how Bang Jeong Seok helped her out when she almost got caught smoking inside the school.

That night, Kang Hee also ended up stalking his account.  She saw his photos with his kid, but couldn't find one with his wife.

Aside from the earlier issue, another issue was raised saying that Kang Hee doesn't read her fan letters and just throws it away or just keeps it inside their office.

It was another blow on Kang Hee's career but she was more surprised after seeing the video of a kid saying that she has been receiving replies from Kang Hee through her letters.

Not knowing anything about it, Kang Hee was adamant that they should go and meet the parents of the kid and say that lying like that is bad.

Kang Hee went to the hospital, and there she was surprised after finding out that the kid in the video is Bang Jeong Seok's daughter.

What will happen after Kang Hee finds out that Jong Seok was the one who wrote the fake letters for her sick daughter?  Will they stick to the story that everyone knows?

Stay tuned for the episode 2 of SooYoung's 'Fan letter, please'.

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