Sunday, May 31, 2015

Check out f(x) Victoria's OOTD!

f(x)'s Victoria is here to showcase her OOTD or Outfit of the Day!

Check out her gorgeous photos below~

"Photo by #OkCoordi"

"Sunday~ #Fendi and #Thierrylasry"

"#need mask~~~~^^"

Check out SNSD Sunny's picture with her sister and friend

Here comes Soonkyu with her sister named Jinkyu!

Check out SNSD Sunny's photo with her sister, the one standing, together with their friend below~

Girls' Generation's Yuri posed for a cute selfie

SNSD's Yuri is here to greet fans on a beautiful Sunday!

Take a look at her adorable selfie below~

SNSD YoonA delights fans with her lovely selfies

SNSD YoonA's birthday was yesterday but the celebration continues!

Here to delight fans, you can check out the lovely selfies of our birthday girl below~

She also celebrated her birthday with fans, and here's the photo of YoonA with them.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

SNSD celebrates YoonA's Birthday

Celebrating SNSD YoonA's special day, here's SNSD's Sooyoung who greeted her with, "Happy birthday to our Yoongie ♥And these days, you make fun of me too much... #WhatDoIDoWithYou #IfYouKeepMakingFunOfMe #LetsJustBeFriends #YoongiesFriend #LoveYou #yoonA #BirthdayGirl #530HappyYoonaDay".

Along with that was YoonA's adorable video which you can see below~

SooYoung: Make a wish! 
YoonA: I wish we will all finish our activities well and in good health. 
Sunny: Oooh, she blew it all out at once.

While Tiffany also added, "#birthdaygirl #yoona".

Additionally, YoonA's cast member from 'God of War Zhao Yun' also greeted her a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday YoonA!

SNSD's SooYoung has fallen for Yuri's DooE!

Girls' Generation's SooYoung has fallen for Yuri's new baby!

We're talking about DooE, and you can check out SooYoung's SelCa below where she shared, "DooE♥ What do I do with you #whoisyourmother #canttakemyeyesoffyou #DooE"~

Check out the pretty SelCa of f(x)'s Krystal

It's a gorgeous Saturday with f(x)'s Krystal!

Greeting her fans, you can check out her latest self-camera picture below~


Check out the beautiful photos from Yubin and SunMi's own pictorial

Yes, it's their very own pictorial.  Yubin as the model, and SunMi as the photographer!

Check out Yubin's pretty pictures below~

Check out SNSD HyoYeon's photo with the Birthday girl, YoonA!

Greeting her fellow member from Girls' Generation, here's HyoYeon with her latest photo update.

Check out her cute photo with our birthday girl, Im YoonA~

"YoonA-ya Happy Birthday~~~~~~!!!♥ #Yoong #yoona"

Jessica Jung greets fans with her adorable picture

Jessica Jung is here to brighten our day!

Take a look at her adorable picture below~

Friday, May 29, 2015

f(x)'s Victoria snapped a selfie with her SMTown ID

Posing with her SMTown ID Card, here's the pretty leader of f(x)!

Take a look at her latest selfie where she playfully added, "coming to work after a long time~ㅋㅋ #SMTown"~

Meanwhile, f(x) will be releasing a special Japanese album this July.

SNSD SooYoung teases fans with photos from her 'Coupang' pictorial

Soon we will officially meet the newest endorser of the e-commerce company named 'Coupang' but before that, SNSD's SooYoung will tease us with her behind the scene pictures first.

Check out her lovely photos below~

Watch SNSD Tiffany's cuts from Heart a Tag's 6th Episode

The 6th episode of 'Heart a Tag' is here!

In this episode, we'll get to watch how Tiffany prepares her Summer body, and more.  Check out her cuts below~

Check out SNSD Tiffany's group photo with Jessi and Henry

Hanging out, here's SNSD's Tiffany with Jessi, Henry, and their friend.

Check out their group photo below~

SNSD's YoonA at the red carpet of the Culture Night Festival

Girls' Generation's YoonA is out to grace the opening of the Culture Night Festival!

The Culture Night is a two-day event which will be held on May 29 to 30 at the Jeong-dong area. Meanwhile, here are YoonA's lovely photos from the red carpet event~

Check out f(x) Luna's beautiful photo with her Friend

Wearing her casual outfit for Summer, here's f(x)'s Luna together with her designer friend.

Check out their beautiful photo below~

SNSD SeoHyun greets fans with her adorable photos from the practice room

Girls' Generation's SeoHyun is here to greet fans!

Check out her adorable set of photos below where she shared, "Tadaa!!! I'm still alive~ㅋㅋwhat am I doing~ you're curious right?? just wait a little more!!~~ soon!! Dugeun-dugeun(heartbeat)♡ #SeohyunSurvivalReport".

Check out the latest photo update from f(x)'s Krystal

A teaser for f(x)'s upcoming Japanese album release? It could be!

Check out the latest photo update from f(x)'s Krystal below~

Preorder f(x)'s 'SUMMER SPECIAL Pinocchio / Hot Summer' Album

Following the announcement yesterday, fans can now preorder f(x)'s upcoming Japanese release on the 22nd of July!

Check out the links for their 'SUMMER SPECIAL Pinocchio / Hot Summer' Album below~

SNSD's Tiffany and 2PM's Nichkhun reported to have broken up

It has been 1 year and 5 months since they started dating each other, but now, it has been reported that SNSD's Tiffany and 2PM's Nichkhun have decided to part ways.

On May 28, both of their agencies confirmed the news of their break up.  JYP Entertainment stated, "Nichkhun and Tiffany have recently broken up. It's been about a month. The reasons are personal so it′s difficult to answer".

While SMEntertainment added, "After checking with Tiffany, we found out that the two have recently broken up".

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