Monday, November 30, 2015

SeoHyun shares her lovely photo from the set of TaeTiSeo's 'Dear Santa' MV

Following the release of TaeTiSeo's 'Dear Santa' MV teaser, SeoHyun would like to hear your thoughts.

Here's lovely photo where she added, "Did you guys watch the #TTS teaser for Dear Santa~? What do you think~??#4daystilldearsanta"~

If you missed it, you can watch TaeTiSeo's 'Dear Santa' MV teaser here.

SNSD Yuri greets fans from the set of 'Neighborhood Hero'

Here's SNSD's Yuri sending in her greetings from the set of her upcoming drama titled 'Neighborhood Hero'.

Check out her beautiful photo below where she also thanked her fans for the fan support~

"Thank you so much ♥ #NeighborhoodHero #JanuaryBroadcast"

SNSD Sunny delights fans with her lovely 'Phantasia' update

Girls' Generation's 'Phantasia' isn't over!

Greeting fans, here's Sunny who delighted everyone with her lovely update~

"#girlsgeneration #phantasia"

TaeTiSeo's 'Dear Santa' MV Teaser unveiled!

Taking the teasing to another level, TaeTiSeo has now released the stunning MV teaser for 'Dear Santa'!

Here's the sneak peek at our early Christmas present from TaeYeon, Tiffany, and SeoHyun~

11 Dazzling Airport Fashion Moments with SNSD's Yuri

With eyes on them all the time, staying in fashion is a must for our idols.  Be it on stage for their performance or other activities, they always see to it that their outfits won't disappoint.

A good example of this would be at the airport where the "Airport Fashion" has always been a hot issue for fans and the celebrities themselves.  There are some who stress and really prepare for what they'll be wearing and there are some who just wear what's available in their closet; but it doesn't really matter because in the end, they are the ones who brings out the beauty of the clothes they are wearing and not the other way around.

That being said, let's look back and see the "Airport Fashion" of our idols.  This time, it's Yuri's turn to captivate us.  Here are her dazzling Airport Fashion moments~

Check out SNSD SooYoung and SHINee Minho's photos from COACH's signing event

Same location, different events!

Aside from TaeTiSeo, here's SNSD's SooYoung who also came to Busan for COACH's signing event.  She came with SHINee's Minho, and you can browse their photos from the said event below~

TaeTiSeo will hold their 'X-Mas Special Dear Santa' Showcase on December 3

December 4 is the release date of 'Dear Santa' but prior to that, TaeTiSeo will be meeting their fans through their'X-Mas Special Dear Santa' showcase which will be held on December 3 at SMTown Theater.

Meanwhile, TaeTiSeo will also be releasing the teaser for their 'Dear Santa' MV tonight at 7PM KST so stay tuned for that as well.

SNSD's YoonA is the cover girl of 'CHOC' magazine's December issue

Girls' Generation's YoonA is your cover girl for 'CHOC' magazine's December issue!

Check out her lovely photos below~

Sunday, November 29, 2015

SNSD's SeoHyun has joined Weibo!

SNSD continues to shower fans with early Christmas gifts!

Here's one from SeoHyun who has just joined the Chinese social networking site named Weibo.

Check out her first posts below~ 

"goooood night guys~[爱你]"

Followed by  the photo from her 'So I Married an Anti-fan' filming.

You can follow SeoHyun's Weibo at: 

Jessica Jung's heart stops when?

When? Here's Jessica Jung who shared, "My heart stops when you look at me."

The next question would be "Who?", right?  That will be revealed in time, but for now, here's the latest photo from Jessica~

Tiffany shares TaeTiSeo's adorable group picture from their 'Dear Santa' pictorial

From elegant to cute, TaeTiSeo can definitely pull it off!

Following their gorgeous teaser pictures, here's Tiffany who shared TaeTiSeo's adorable group photo from their 'Dear Santa' pictorial~


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Jessica Jung reminds fans to stay warm and don't be sick

Showing that she cares, here's Jessica Jung who expressed, "It's too cold[悲伤] Keep warm & please don't be sick..[心]" through her latest post.

That also came with her adorable selfie which you can view below~

SNSD Sunny says you are the best!

SNSD's Sunny is here to how her appreciation for their fans.

Check out her latest photo which she captioned, "u r the best"~

Watch Yubin's broadcast from the backstage of 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' Concert

Wonder Girls' Yubin is here to take us to the backstage of 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' Concert!

Here are her videos which also features 4Minute's Jiyoon and the other members of the show~

TaeYeon plays with Christmas lights at the set of TaeTiSeo's 'Dear Santa' pictorial

Teasing us in her own way, here's TaeYeon who seemed to be too hungry or bored that she had the idea of eating the Christmas lights.

Check out her adorable photo below~

"#tts #DearSanta"

Check out SNSD Yuri's pictures with Kim Sooro and Im Jiho

SNSD's Yuri is set to appear on 'How to Eat and Live Well'.

She will be on the show with Kim Sooro and Im Jiho, and you can check out the beautiful pohots from their filming below~

f(x)'s Krystal has been cast in the Chinese drama 'Graduation Season'

f(x)'s Krystal will soon meet us through the small screen!

On November 28th, it was revealed that Krystal has been cast to play the lead in the upcoming Chinese drama titled 'Graduation Season'.

The said drama will be about the young people in the fashion industry who graduated from university, and are starting their first job.

Girls' Generation's YoonA is back from Prague

After finishing her schedules, SNSD's YoonA is now back from Prague.

Here are the pictures taken upon her arrival~

Watch: TaeYeon's 'Daily Taeng9 Cam' Episode 5 (English Subbed)

The fifth and final episode is here to wrap up SNSD TaeYeon's 'Daily Taeng9 Cam'.

No need to be sad, though, because this episode still packs a lot of fun~

TaeTiSeo greets fans from the set of their 'Dear Santa' MV

TaeTiSeo is coming!

Following Tiffany's clip, TaeYeon and SeoHyun has now joined her to greet fans from the set of their 'Dear Santa' MV!

Check out the next clip where you can also hear a bit of TaeTiSeo's upcoming track titled 'I Like The Way'~

TaeTiSeo unveils SeoHyun's teaser photo for 'Dear Santa'

After TaeYeon, and Tiffany, it's now SeoHyun's turn to delight fans!

Here's her teaser picture for TaeTiSeo's 'Dear Santa'~

Choi Sulli snap a cute selfie with her cat

Choi Sulli and her cat are here to greet fans.

Take a look at their cute photo selfie below~


SNSD's Tiffany is an adorable 'Cosmopolitan' girl

Up for a Friday night movie?

If you are, SNSD's Tiffany might have something you like.  Check out her adorable 'Cosmopolitan' picture below~

Friday, November 27, 2015

TaeTiSeo is back from Busan, browse their pictures from the Airport

From Louis Quatorze's signing event in Busan, TaeYeon, Tiffany, and SeoHyun are now back in Seoul.

Taken at Gimpo Airport, here are the pictures taken upon their arrival~

Check out the latest selfie from Wonder Girls' Yubin

Busy preparing for Unpretty Rapstar 2's concert tomorrow, here's Wonder Girls' Yubin who posed for a selfie.

Check out her latest photo below~

"#rehearsal #Unpretty2 #Concert"

f(x) Victoria's latest photo is full of Freshness!

Literally "Fresh", here's the amusing update from f(x)'s Victoria.

Check out her next photo to see what we mean~

SNSD's TaeYeon and f(x) are coming to the 2015 MAMA in Hong Kong

It's confirmed! SNSD's TaeYeon and the girls of f(x) are coming to the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong which will be held on December 2.

Prior to this, we already knew that f(x) was attending because it was announced that they will be collaborating with the Pet Shop Boys for a special stage

Just five days to go, are you excited for the 2015 MAMA?

Watch: Music Bank's teaser for TaeTiSeo's 'Dear Santa' comeback next week

Mark your calendars, December 4th is the day we will all unwrap our early Christmas presents from TaeTiseo!

That's also the day of their first 'Dear Santa' performance, and here's Music Bank teasing fans through the next clip~

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