Sunday, January 31, 2016

Watch f(x) Krystal's latest clips from 'Etude House'

f(x)'s sweet Krystal is back to charm fans!

That's through her latest 'Etude House' clip which you can see below~

SNSD Yuri charms fans with her funny picture

Giving fans a reason to smile or even laugh, here's the latest photo from SNSD's Yuri.

Check out her playful photo~

Check out the latest pictures from the pretty girls of f(x)

Thanking MeU's in different ways, here are the latest photos from Krystal, Luna, and Victoria~

Tiffany updates with her lovely photos from SNSD's 'Phantasia in Bangkok'

Here's Tiffany greeting fans from the backstage of SNSD's 'Phantasia in Bangkok'.

See her lovely set of photos below~


The official name of f(x)'s fanclub has been finally revealed!

Finally... Finally... Finally! After seven years, the official fanclub name of f(x)'s fans has been finally revealed!!  

Fans who attended their 'Dimension 4' concert where in for a surprise as the girls have finally announced their fanclub name.  We know you're already excited to hear it so here we go... From now on, the fans of f(x) will now be called as 'MeU'.

f(x) at the PressCon of their 'Dimension 4' Concert in Seoul

Two concerts done, one more to go!

Today will be the final day of  f(x)'s 'Dimension 4' Concert in Seoul but before they wrap-up their concert, Krystal, Luna, Amber, and Victoria met with the press first for their press conference.

Here are f(x)'s pictures from the PressCon~

Jessica Jung congratulates Krystal for f(x)'s 1st Solo Concert

Congratulating her sister for a job well done, here's Jessica Jung together with f(x)'s Krystal!

Check out their lovely photos where Jessica added, "Great show baby![good]"~

Fancams from SNSD's 'Phantasia in Bangkok' Concert

After falling in love with their pictures, it's now time to watch SNSD's fancams from their Phantasia in Bangkok concert which was held yesterday, January 30.

Check out their hot performances below~

SNSD's pictures from their 'Phantasia' concert in Bangkok, Thailand

The first day of SNSD's 'Phantasia' concert in Thailand is done!

It was another memorable event for the fans and the members of SNSD themselves, and here's a quick look at what took place.  Check out SNSD's pictures from their 'Phantasia' concert in Bangkok, Thailand~

f(x) Amber and Luna snap pictures with Minzy, Jia, Ailee at the backstage of 'Dimension 4'

From the 2nd day of f(x)'s 'Dimension 4' concert, here are f(x)'s Amber and Luna together with their friends at the backstage.

Check out the next pictures where you can see 2ne1's Minzy, Miss A's Jia, Ailee, and more~

Saturday, January 30, 2016

SooYoung celebrated her birthday in advance at SNSD's 'Phantasia' in Thailand

SooYoung's birthday is on February 10 but since now is their chance, Thai fans celebrated her birthday today at SNSD's 'Phantasia' concert in Thailand.

Expressing her gratitude, here's SooYoung who shared, "#HBDsooyoung Thanks for celebrating my birthday #thankYOU."

After that, SooYoung also shared a clip featuring the pink ocean~

"#FANtastic #pinkocean#soneThai #LOVEyou"

Luna is all set for the 2nd day of f(x)'s 'Dimension 4' concert in Seoul!

It's the second day of f(x)'s 'DImension 4' concert in Seoul!

Luna is so ready, and here's her picture where you can also see Amber at the back~

"Today too Hwaiting ♥ f(x) concert Yoohoohoo"

Second MV Teaser for SNSD TaeYeon's 'Rain' revealed!

SNSD's TaeYeon is back to give us another reason to love 'Rain'!

Following the first one, here comes the second MV Teaser for TaeYeon's 'Rain' which will be released on February 3 at 12AM KST.  Check out the awesome teaser below and start dreaming in the rain~ 

SNSD Sunny and her group picture with boy group UP10tion

Together with her juniors, here's SNSD's Sunny together with her juniors.

Check out her group pictures with the 10-member boy group named UP10tion~

This photo was taken when Sunny came in as a special MC of 'Weekly Idol'.

22 Lovely pre-debut pictures of SNSD's YoonA

yoona pre debut pictures
We know the term 'goddess' is overused by now but she really is even during her predebut days!

We are talking about SNSD's YoonA, and to prove that, here are YoonA's lovely pre-debut pictures~

f(x) thanks fans through their lovely group picture

The feeling is definitely mutual!

Holding the banners which fans prepared for their 'Dimension 4' concert, here are Krystal, Luna, Victoria, and Amber saying, "Thank you for staying with us ♥"

Banner says: "Thank you for staying with us ♥"

See the latest photos from the pretty Choi Sulli

Here's Choi Sulli greeting fans with her latest Instagram posts.

Check out her beautiful photos below~

Friday, January 29, 2016

f(x) Luna sends her love through her photo with Amber

The Day 1 of f(x)'s 'Dimension 4' concert is done, and here's f(x)'s Luna together with Amber.

Check out next photo where she expressed, "I love you good night"~

Check out the set list for f(x)'s 1st solo concert 'Dimension 4: Docking Station'

fx dimension 4 docking station set list
It's finally d-day for f(x)'s first solo concert in Seoul!

The concert is dubbed as 'Dimension 4: Docking Station', and staying true to its title, f(x) brought the fans to different dimensions during their concert.

For everyone who missed it, here are the songs which Krystal, Luna, Amber, and Victoria performed during their concert~

1. Paper Heart
2. Electric Shock
3. Red Light
4. Dangerous
5. Dracula
6. Gangsta Boy
7. Toy
8. Lachata
9. Me+U
10. Pinocchio
11. Beautiful Goodbye
12. Sorry (Dear. Daddy)
13. Signal (Remix Version)
14. Shadow
15. Sweet Witches
16. MILK
17. NU ABO
18. Traveler
19. ZigZag
20. Airplane
21. Jet
22. Beautiful Stranger
23. Boom Bang Boom (Remix Version)
24. Rainbow
25. Pretty Girl
26. Diamond
27. Rum Pum Pum Pum
28. Step
29. Shake that Brass
30. Love
31. 4 Walls
32. Papi
33. Deja Vu
34. Rude Love
35. Cash Me Out
36. So Into You
37. All Night
38. Ending Page

Amber's sister came to support f(x)'s solo concert!

It's a big for f(x), their fans, and of course their families and friends too!

That being said, here's the sister of Amber named Jackie who came to support f(x)'s first solo concert dubbed as 'Dimension 4: Docking Station'.

"Amber: Thank you everyone for making the start of this crazy weekend awesome!
 Hope everyone who came enjoyed the show :) lets do it again tomorrow! 
And again the next day! #dimension4"

"Thank to my fam for coming out to support me today!! #dimension4"

"The goldfish and sunyoung unni came out yesterday too! Thanks fam :) 
whos ready for day 2!? #dimension4"

Aside from that, Amber also shared, "Sorry i havent been spending more time with u buddy. Listen to the aunties while im gone."

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