Saturday, April 30, 2016

Watch Happy Camp's preview with SNSD's YoonA

Filmed last week, SNSD YoonA's latest guesting on Happy Camp will be aired next Saturday!

Here to give us a preview, you can now watch the episode teaser below~

Check out SNSD SeoHyun's sweet update with her fans

After finishing her 'Mamma Mia' musical schedule, SNSD's SeoHyun was welcomed by fans outside.

Sharing the touching moment, here's SeoHyun who expressed, "SONE-ah~~ I~ Love you guys~♡ SONE-ah~ There's~ Something I want to say~ Love you ♥ Love Love you, love you~ I love SONE~~ #ILoveYouOurSONE♥ #ImReallyTouched..."~

See what happens when SNSD SooYoung face swaps with Eric Nam

It's Face Swap time again!

It's SNSD's SooYoung and singer Eric Nam this time around, and to see the result, you can watch the following clip below.

Check out the latest snaps from Jessica Jung

From getting her makeup done and playing around, here are the latest snaps from Jessica Jung!

Check out her adorable clips below~

SNSD's TaeYeon transformed into a cute dog!

After greeting us with her green eyes, SNSD's TaeYeon is back with another treat!

Here's the cutest thing on the internet today.  Check out TaeYeon's adorable transformation below~

SNSD Yuri shared pictures from the set of 'Gogh's Starry Night'

Set to air this June, SNSD's Yuri is still busy filming for 'Gogh's Starry Night'.

Does she have time to relax while on the set? Yes, she does, and here are Yuri's pictures together with one of the directors~

Check out the gorgeous updates from f(x)'s Victoria

It's another lovely day with f(x)'s Victoria!

Check out her cute and gorgeous updates below~

SNSD's Tiffany will be releasing her solo album this May!

Looks like the month of May is going to be a lot of fun!

We've already heard a lot about SNSD Tiffany's solo debut, and now it has been reported that her album is now in the final stages while another report states that it will be released in the second week of May.

If this is the case, Tiffany and Jessica who will also be releasing her solo album, will both be promoting at the same time.  That sounds fun because we know Sones will support both artists, and we hope we could see some interactions between the two.

SNSD's SooYoung and SHINee's Minho at COACH's private dinner

As models and endorsers of COACH, SNSD's SooYoung and SHINee's Minho attended the brand's private dinner in Seoul.

It was held last week, and you can see SooYoung's photo updates from the event here.  Before that, you can watch the video from the dinner event first~

SNSD SeoHyun snap beautiful photos with her staff

Taken at the backstage of Mamma Mia, here's SNSD's SeoHyun together with her staff/friends.

Take a look at their adorable photos below~

f(x)'s Amber was on a date with whom?

f(x)'s Amber is dating someone?

No she's not but she had a date last night.  Find out who or what is through her next picture where she shared, "its friday and im on a date!!!! With my computer... Save me lol"~


A beautiful day with Wonder Girls' Yubin in Las Vegas

Wonder Girls' Yubin is enjoying her stay in Las Vegas!

She's there for a pictorial, and following her first updates, here are more of Yubin's pictures from the entertainment capital of the world~

"Nice weather"

Friday, April 29, 2016

SNSD's Yuri is a gorgeous writer in her latest pictures

Reminiscing her character from Local Hero, here's SNSD's Yuri with her latest updates.

Looking gorgeous as always, you can see Yuri wearing her yellow dress below~

" Writer"

Watch Jessica Jung on Beauty Bible Episode 3 (English Subbed)

Time to get pretty with the lovely Jessica Jung!

Beauty Bible is back with its 3rd episode, and this time, they will be featuring five cushion foundations which are loved by social media stars.  Enjoy watching~

Check out the cute selfies of Choi Sulli

It's selfie time with the cutie Choi Sulli!

Take a look at her latest selfies below~

SNSD SeoHyun thanks fans through her sweet selfie

SNSD's SeoHyun is here to thank fans who sent flowers and came to support her Mamma Mia musical.

Definitely more beautiful than the flowers, you can see her sweet selfie below~

SNSD Tiffany's cute updates with her sisters from 'Sister's Slam Dunk'

Together with her new friends/sisters, here's SNSD's Tiffany together with the cast of Sister's Slam Dunk.

Check out their cute clip and pictures~

Track list for Jessica Jung's album partially revealed!

Jessica Jung solo album track list
The teasing has begun and nothing can stop Jessica Jung's solo debut!

Jessica will be releasing her solo album this May, and to excite us even more, the partial track list from her album have now been revealed. Check it out below~

Track list:
1. Fly
2. Big Mini World
3. Falling Crazy in Love
*Tracks 4 to 6 still to be revealed.

Jessica Jung solo album track list

Jessica will also be opening her first official fanclub, and you can find out more about that here.

TaeTiSeo will be coming to the 2016 KCON in LA!

It's the season of KCON once again, and here's a wonderful news for all the US fans out there!

The 2016 KCON in LA will be held on July 29 to 31, and it has now been confirmed that TaeTiSeo will be coming to perform at the concert event on July 31.

Aside from TaeTiSeo, other artists who will be there to are GFriend, Twice, CNBlue, and Block B.

SNSD's SooYoung is ready to kiss in her latest selfie

Time to feel the spring with SNSD's SooYoung!

Ready to kiss, here's her cute selfie where she tried her new lip oil~

Check out f(x) Luna's latest update with Amber and friends

Hanging out with some friends, here are f(x)'s Luna and Amber!

Meanwhile, the two will be releasing their collaboration song titled 'Wave' on May 6~

Jessica Jung shared cute pictures from the set of 'Beauty Bible'

It's beauty time with Jessica Jung!

Taken at the set of 'Beauty Bible', here are her cute pictures which she plafully captioned, "You looking at me? [思考]"~

Thursday, April 28, 2016

More BTS clips from YoonA's 'God of War Zhao Yun'

Here comes another treat from SNSD YoonA's Chinese drama titled 'God of War Zhao Yun'.

They are taking us to their filming set this time, and here are the amusing behind the scenes clip from their shoot~

Watch the fun teaser for the Episode 4 of Tiffany's 'Sister's Slam Dunk'

More fun awaits in the upcoming episode of Tiffany's 'Sister's Slam Dunk'.

Their 4th episode will be aired this Friday, and here's the teaser clip for that~

It's a happy day with f(x)'s pretty Victoria

It's a happy day with f(x)'s Victoria because she's here to amuse us with her latest updates.

Check out her charming clip and pictures below~

SNSD TaeYeon greets fans with her green eyes

SNSD's TaeYeon is up to make your day!

Greeting fans, here's her adorable selfie with her green eyes on~

Jessica Jung teases fans with pictures from her MV Filming

Excited for Jessica Jung's solo debut?  We all just to wait a little longer.

For now, here's Jessica sharing, "It's a great feeling! Finished up shooting an MV last month in lovely LA, Malibu and even the desert! Just completed the final edits today, took over a month because I wanted to make sure every detail was perfect! Can't wait to show it to u guys!For now, here's a pic ♥ Who's excited?!!"~

"Introducing my awesome dancers!"

If you missed it, Jessica is also opening her first official fanclub.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SNSD SeoHyun goes all black for Calvin Klein's Event

On April 27, SNSD's SeoHyun went out to attend Calvin Klein's event.

She came wearing her all black outfit, and you can see how gorgeous and stunning she was through the following video and pictures~

SNSD YoonA shared beautiful pictures from the set of 'God of War Zhao Yun'

Aside from her official pictures, here are more of SNSD's YoonA from her drama 'God of War Zhao Yun'.

Check out her beautiful pictures~

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