SNSD's SooYoung and Marina finally meet again after 12 years!

snsd  sooyoung and marina
Finally reunited after 12 long years, here is SNSD's Sooyoung with Marina Takahashi, her fellow member back when they promoted as 'Route θ' in Japan before.

Enjoying their moments together, here's the photo where Sooyoung expressed, "We finally met up Thank you everyone ❤️ Thank you SONE^^♥"~

Sooyoung also shared a cute video of them dancing to Route θ's 'Waku Waku Its Love' and added, "First time in 12 years ♥ After 12 years".

Earlier this June, Sooyoung posted the next photos of her with Marina and that lead to the two getting in contact again with the help of the fans.

Sooyoung's Instagram,Marina's Instagram

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