Check out f(x) Victoria's updates from her first Flea Market

As she has revealed a few days ago, f(x)'s Victoria has opened her flea market at the Coex Artium on December 21st.

She worked hard for it, and as a result, her first flea market was a success. Check out the updates from Victoria below~

"#VictoriaFleamarket #smtown@coexartium #Artium #fleamarket"

"#VictoriaFleamarket #smtown@coexartium #Artium #fleamarket"

"Victoria’s first flea market ended well~ You all worked hard~Thank you very much to Kyungchang oppa, Juyeon unnie, Seunghee unnie and Sehyun unnie who helped me a lot~Pretty Seohyunie and Jihyangie~And the most worth mention, Wonkyun oppa (didn’t take a photo h), Hyunwookie, Subinie~Thank you very much~^^I’ve wanted to do this flea market for a long time and I’m very happy to finally get the chance to do it~Thank you for lending me #smtown@coexartium~ Thank you to Lee Sooman teacher and Kim Youngmin president for your support~ And thank you to everyone who came there today~ Thank you to my friends for your support~ victoria’s 1st flea market had a lot of earnings~ Next time I’ll do a flea market again if I get the chance~^^~"

"From the cards (until everything else), it was all done by ourselves~I came with the ideas and people close to me helped out~ Thank you very much~^^"

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