Ha:tfelt's 'Me?' is #5 on Billboard's '10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2014'

Released last July, Ha:tfelt's first mini-album titled 'Me?' has made it to Billboard's '10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2014'.

The title track of YeEun's album was 'Ain't Nobody', and you can watch her music video below~

"Originally known as YeEun from the beloved Wonder Girls, the singer rebranded herself as HA:TFELT for her debut release Me?. Dabbling in everything from trap to EDM to indie folk, the starlet made not only her emotions raw (felt in songs like "Peter Pan" and lead single "Ain't Nobody"), but even left her vocals unedited in the brilliant "Nothing Lasts Forever" that appears to have her voice recorded on a laptop. - Billboard"

Other artists who made it to the list are as follows:
1. 2ne1 - Crush
2. Nell - Newton's Apple
3. IU - A Flower Bookmark
4. Seotaiji - Quiet Night
5. HA:TFELT - Me?
6. Taeyang - Rise
7. B.A.P - First Sensibility 
8. Epik High - Shoebox  
9. CNBLUE - Can't Stop  
10. Rain - Rain Effect 

Congratulations to Ha:tfelt (YeEun)!!

If you missed it, you can still buy Ha:tfelt's 'Me?' here.


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