Check out SNSD SeoHyun's pictures with friends who watched 'Gone with the Wind' musical

Here's SNSD's SeoHyun together with her friends and acquaintances who went to watch her musical titled 'Gone with the Wind'.

Check out their beautiful pictures from the backstage below~

"Joo rhett oppa's precious guests who came to watch 'Gone with the wind'. Senior Lee Jaeryong~ Senior Joo Younghoon~ Senior Lee Yoonmi~! I don't know what to do with myself because of your compliments..ㅎ Thank you so much. I will become an actress who continues to grow~!!^^ come and watch it again anytime~^^ #gonewiththewind #seohyun"

"Chanwhee unnie who came and watched the show not too long ago~!! Thank you so much for coming to support me even though you're probably busy~ㅜㅜ the flowers you gave me filled my room with its scent~ㅎㅎ receiving your love, i think i'm a really blessed person~!^^ i will work hard to become a junior you can be proud of!! i will show you an even greater me on stage. #sochanwhee #seohyun #gonewiththewind"

"'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' family that i haven't seen in a while!! Jihee unnie, kyungseok oppa, ahreum unnie~! thank you so so much for coming to watch the show~ touched♡ there isn't seo yeonwoo anymore..but there is seocarlett, so please continue to give lots of support to seocarlett~ㅎㅎ #iamseocarlett #gonewiththewind #baramsa #seocarlett #seohyun"

"Precious memories that only we can know, remember and cannot forget..♡ Every time we perform, I am very thankful and it makes me so happy that we are together on a stage full of each and every person's energy and passion.. Let's sprint even more happily to the final performance without anyone getting hurt!!^^GWTW fighting♡ #gonewiththewind #gonewithewind #GWTW"

Credits:Seohyun's Instagram

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