SNSD Sunny shares pictures with her friends

SNSD's Sunny was out to have a meal with her good friends.

Take a look at their photos below where Sunny shared...

"We are food friends!!!! proof shot after eating with [jeon] inkwon ahjji!!!!"

"One thing i've gained while doing radio, having the good fortune of meeting/making new friends! who would have thought i would be sharing words about music, art, and life with these people.. it's a grateful night!! novelist park minkyu, drummer shin seokchul, paianter choi janghoon, representative park kwonil, and jeon inkwon ahjusshi, and today's flower, sunny!!! but inkwon ahjusshi said I'm today's leaderㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's a fun day!!!!!!"

Sunny's Instagram

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