SNSD SooYoung greets fans with her adorable photo

snsd sooyoung
Together with her cute dog, here is SooYoung who greeted everyone with, "Hello everyone in it's Sooyoung.  How are you all?  It's been getting warmer recently and I feel like it's going to be cherry blossom season soon~  I think everyone is having busy days now with graduations and job hunting!! Of course, there are those who are fully enjoying their spring break, too ^^ It'd be great to make wonderful memories and meet new people♥".

She continued with, "Well then, the fanclub event in April, "SONE LIMITED PARTY" is getting closer.  And our new single "Catch Me If You Can" will also be released!! I'm looking forward to meeting all the fans!! We'll try hard to have wonderful performances and spend an enjoyable time with you all.  Everyone, please take care not to catch a cold."

Check out her adorable photo below~

snsd sooyoung japan

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