SNSD YoonA greets fans with her cute photo from the practice room

Girls' Generation is now busy preparing for their upcoming Japanese single.

That being said, here is YoonA who greeted everyone with, "Hello everyone it's Yoona. Everyone!! Have you checked out this week's news on our new single, "Catch Me If You Can"?  Today's picture is of me taking a break from dance practice for "Catch Me If You Can" ^^ Since I want to show everyone a wonderful stage and performances, I've recently been engrossed in dance practice♪ I want to see everyone soon at the fanclub event♥ Can you catch us? ^^".

She then added, "Recently the temperature difference between the morning and night is large and it's easy to catch cold!! Please be careful not to catch a cold, everyone ^^"

Additionally, YoonA has also been busy filming for her Chinese drama 'God of War Zhao Yun'.

SMEntertainment Japan

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