More BTS pictures from SNSD's 'Catch Me If You Can' MV Filming

Time to catch more of Girls' Generation!

Here are some behind the scene pictures from their 'Catch Me If You Can' MV filming~


"Stage Set!

When you watch the music video for "Catch Me If You Can", what makes an impression is definitely the location! A very wild set made from a ravine. We'll introduce it to everyone!

The stage was surrounded by towering mountains on all four directions in the middle of a splendid view. It's a cool stage that perfectly fits the song's image.

There were many huge heavy machinery that even the tires were as tall as the members! The members usually don't have the opportunity to get close to such big cars. They immediately enjoyed taking commemorative photos ^^

Of course, the members also took customary pictures together."

"It's cold...! The music video for Catch Me If You Can was shot when the winter's cold was still severe! While the members were awed by the grand set, they also shuffled their feet to stay warm!

On top of their thin outfits, the members put on down coats and blankets. They didn't let go of their outer wear until the moment filming started...! It was tough to put on the outer wear immediately after short filming breaks...with that said, Sooyoung decided to get warmed up by Tiffany who quickly got a coat!

They are packed in tightly while warming each other up (laughs)
Even though the wind was also cold on set, upon seeing the members who happily warmed each other up also warmed up the staffs' hearts, too ^^"

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