Wonder Girls will make a comeback with SunMi as a 4-member band!

Here's another news about a much awaited comeback! It's the Wonder Girls this time, and it has been revealed that the group will be making a comeback as a 4-member band and they have already finished filming for their music video on the 24th.  

There's YeEun, Lim, and Yubin so who's the fourth member?  She's no other than SunMi who is finally returning to the group.  As for SunYe, JYP stated, "It's true she came to Korea recently, but it was for personal reasons, unrelated to Wonder Girls. She won′t be participating in this Wonder Girls comeback, but she hasn′t left the group."

JYP Entertainment also reveaed that Lim will play the guitar, Yubin will play the drums, Yeeun on the keyboard and Sunmi will play the bass.  Additionally, JYP also stated, "Wonder Girls is a nine-year-old idol group. They have been active for a long time and have participated in diverse activities during that time. They discussed that they wanted to show a new side, that it′s time they tried reinventing themselves musically and began preparing to come back as a band".

Additionally, a representative from JYP Entertainment shared that they are aiming to make a comeback on the 3rd of August.

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