Support Girls' Generation by sending your 'Gee Cover Dance' for their 'Phantasia' Concert

With just a few weeks to go before their 'Phantasia' concert in Seoul, SNSD has now launched their 'Gee Cover Dance' project.

If you are into dancing, or if you just want to show your support for Girls' Generation, scroll down to read SM Entertainment's notice~
Greetings from S.M. ENTERTAINMENT

We would like to request a video recording that will be played at
[ GIRLS’ GENERATION 4th TOUR – Phantasia - ] this coming November 21st and 22nd.

For all the fans who would like to take part,
please read the guidelines below and participate by email.

[ Guidelines ]
Please show your support for Girls’ Generation by sending us
your ‘gee’ cover dance video, which will be screened during the concert.

- Dates : Today ~ November 10 (Tuesday)
- Email :

- Subject: [gee]name/nationality/birth date(year/month/day)/Phone number/length of video(minutes)/
- Text : NOT NEEDED (Don’t forget to attach your video clip!)

[ Please Note! ]

1) All Girls’ Generation fans are eligible to participate.

2) If possible, please film the full song of ‘gee’ for the cover dance video.
You may send a video of ‘gee’ that has been filmed previously as well.

3) Please film and send the video clip in high quality
so that the clip can be screened on the big screen

4) The video chosen may be edited so that only certain parts of the clip
can be screened for the concert.
Your video may also be used during future overseas concerts.
Certain videos may not be selected to be screened during
the concert depending on the content of the video clip.

5) All rights for the chosen video clips belong to S.M. Entertainment Co., Ltd.,
and your video may be excluded if you do not have ownership of the clip.

Additionally, by sending us your video you are giving consent to show your video
to all those at the concert and allowing your video to be shown to those
who will buy the DVD, or any other commercial version of the concert.
Please consider this carefully when sending us your video.

6) Please take into account the deadline and the correct subject form
when sending us your videos. Emails asking to verify sent emails
and other enquiries will not be replied to.

Thank you for your continued love and support for
[ GIRLS’ GENERATION 4th TOUR - Phantasia ].

Thank You.


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