Browse TaeTiSeo's splendid scans and pictures from 'High Cut' magazine

TaeTiSeo is back with another wonderful treat!

Here to delight fans are the lovely and adorable pictures from their 'High Cut' magazine pictorial~

Update: (Scans)

taetiseo high cut

During their interview TaeYeon was told, "You're termed SM Entertainment‘s MVP among netizens", to this, TaeYeon laughed and replied, "Should I demand a bonus from the company?", she continued, "I’m thankful to my company. There are lots of artists but I got the opportunity. I’m not saying this to sound humble but I just sang."

tts high cut magazine

Meanwhile, Tiffany also shared, "People say we would be finished in five years, but we won. We think we'll continue to win, Even solo projects feel like a group project. Girls' Generation will continue on", when they were asked about the longevity of Girls' Generation.

snsd taeyeon tiffany high cut magazine

Lastly, Seohyun, who wrote the lyrics for TaeTiSeo's "Dear Santa," explained the meaning of the lyrics, saying, "I wonder what people would want for Christmas. When I asked my friends, all of them said they wanted a boyfriend."

snsd seohyun high cut magazine

Prior to this, they also revealed some behind the scene pictures which you can view here.

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