Current ranking of SNSD members according to their Instagram Followers

All SNSD members are finally on Instagram, and with that, why don't we see who has the highest number of follower as of January 14, 2016.

It's just for fun, and it's good to know so let's go~

All the members have almost the same number of followers but there's one member who has a huge lead.  That's Kim TaeYeon who is just 100k followers away before she hits the 6 million mark. (Update: As of January 17, TaeYeon has already hit the 6M mark)

Next up are Tiffany and Yuri who are tied on 2nd place with their 3.2M followers.

Closely following them is Sunny who got the third place with her 3M followers.

HyoYeon, Jessica, and Sooyoung are not far behind though as the three of them are tied on 4th place with 2.9M followers each. (Yes, we also included Jessica here)

On 5th place is SNSD's maknae with 2.4M followers.

The 6th place belongs to YoonA, and though she has just joined a couple of months ago, she already has 2.2M followers.

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