9 Amusing and Funny Baseball Pitches of SNSD members

Baseball Pitching? Girls' Generation can do it if they are requested to do so but with regards to the outcome, we can just say at least they tried, and on top of that, they never fail to amuse the fans.

SNSD members have been called many times to grace the ceremonial first pitch, and that being said, why don't we look back and see some of their funny and amusing moments~

Let's start with their very first pitch back in 2007 where all the members came together and even performed 'Into the New World'. At that time, it was Yuri who threw the opening pitch and SooYoung holding the bat.

After that, let's continue with the most recent one, SNSD's YoonA who pitched for the Doosan Bears last October.  It was really impressive, and you can watch it again below.

Impressive, right? That was in 2015 but how was YoonA a few years back? Check out her opening pitch from 2009 and see why she deserves to be called as SNSD's best pitcher.

Next up is still with YoonA but this time, it was SeoHyun's turn to pitch. (2010)

Following that, it was TaeYeon's turn to pitch and SeoHyun's turn to bat. (2013)

SeoHyun continues to join her unnies, as in this next clip, it was Yuri's turn to pitch. (2009)

Next up is Sunny who threw the opening pitch at Dodgers Stadium in 2013.

It wasn't just Sunny who threw the opening pitch at the Dodgers Stadium as Tiffany also went in 2013.

If we have to choose the funniest pitch, it would be Jessica's pitch.  She had a great form but maybe she was too nervous.  It may have been an embarrassing moment for her back then but since its in the past now, we believe watching this clip also makes her laugh. (2012)

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