SNSD's Albums, MVs, and Singles which they released in 2015

SNSD 2015 Releases
The Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and with that, we'll take this opportunity to summarize the Albums, MVs, Singles, and OSTs which Girls' Generation released in 2015.

We know it's just been a year, but if you think you might have missed some, or you just want to reminisce how awesome the year was, this list is perfect for you~

Let's start it off with SNSD's 'Catch Me If You Can' which they released in March, and yes, they released it in Japanese and Korean.



snsd catch me if you can

If you still haven't added this to your collection, you can buy SNSD's 'Catch Me If You Can' here.

A few months later, SNSD was ready to party with their fans again. They greeted everyone with their Summer track titled 'Party'.  This track was released as a single together with SNSD's song titled 'Check'.  Again, if you missed it, you can still buy SNSD's 'Party' here.

After partying with the fans, SNSD took a very short break and surprised fans with their 5th Album which they released in August. The album was titled 'Lion Heart' and it contained 12 tracks. 

SNSD's 5th album were released in two versions, the first one was the 'Lion Heart' version and the second was the 'You Think' version. The two versions have the same tracks but they have different jacket pictures.

The fun didn't stop there specially for TaeYeon's fans. Two months later after SNSD's 'Lion Heart' promotions, TaeYeon made her debut as a solo artist in October.  She released her mini-album titled 'I' which received a lot of love from the fans.

Once again, TaeYeon took a short break and returned with Tiffany and SeoHyun as TaeTiSeo. Christmas came really early as they released their Christmas mini-album titled 'Dear Santa' in the first week of December.

Aside from their albums, SNSD also released DVDs, and if you missed their releases like 'Girls & Peace in Seoul' and 'The Best Live at Tokyo Dome', you may check them here.

That's it for SNSD's albums and singles but wait, we haven't listed the OST and other special collaborations which they released in 2015.

Let's start with TaeYeon being featured on Verbal Jint's track titled 'If The World Was Perfect'.  It was a perfect collaboration indeed, and for those who already forgot, it was also Verbal Jint who rapped for TaeYeon's 'I'.

As for the Official Soundtrack category, it was SNSD's Tiffany who sang the song titled 'Only One' for the drama 'Blood'.

That was a wonderful 2015, right? The girls still have a lot in store for this 2016 so stay tuned for that. One of which is SNSD TaeYeon's 'Rain' which will be released this February.

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