SNSD's SooYoung at her charity bazaar named 'Beaming Effect'

It's D-Day for SNSD SooYoung's 'Beaming Effect',  a charity bazaar where she and designer Jain Song collaborated for a limited edition sweatshirt and eco bags.  Aside from those two, some Girls' Generation's personal items were also up for sale, and all the profits will be donated to 'Korean Fighting Blindness Organization'.

Here's a picture of SooYoung from the event where she thanked everyone by writing, "#beamingeffect2016 bazaar ended well. For events like this, I don't know if the final amount will be important, but truthfully I think what's more important than numbers is interest and love. More so than the fact that the T-shirts and ecobags sold out, what made me happy was that you came to be a little bit of help and all of your gazes were even more touching ♥ This is how much you care. I understood this cause wasn't being neglected, which was a even bigger source of comfort than any donation amount. Thank you to everyone who came today, everyone on the SMile volunteer team who worked hard for the bazaar and Song Jain teacher who committed to helping no matter what when I said I was hosting a bazaar for people with sight disabilities. ♥ I won't forget it.  #jainsong x sooyoung #smile #smtown #korean fighting blindness organization"~

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