SNSD SeoHyun snap selfies with Younha and Hwanhee

More friends have come to support SNSD SeoHyun's 'Mamma Mia'!

They are no other than the singer Younha, and here's their cute selfie where SeoHyun expressed,"With Younha unnie who came to see Seophie's performance twice~~ Unnie~~ I'm so touched ㅜㅜ Really, really thank you~♡ Unnie's compliments make Seophie explode with excitement, keke.Hurry and do another musical~~ I will for sure, for sure go watch it"~

Next up is Hwanhee as SeoHyun shared, "My precious friend Hwanhee-yah~ Thank you always~~ You know my heart, right?? I love you ❤."

After that, SeoHyun also thanked fans for the support.

"It's on Juhyunnie~~ ppangya ppangya Thank you 😘#MammaMia"

"When hunger~ Strikes suddenly~~ I can overcome it~ With snacks~~ Thanks to our our fans, Seophie ate delicious snacks and drinks and had lots and lots of strength today~ Hehe I ate it so, so well~ I love you~ #ThanksSone♡ I love u"

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