Listen to the tracks from SNSD TaeYeon's 'My Voice' album

Already ordered your copy of TaeYeon's 'My Voice' album? There's no other way but to wait for the package to arrive but if you want to listen to the tracks, you can do it now!

Here are the tracks from SNSD TaeYeon's first full album~

1. 'Fine' MV- You Can Watch the Music Video Here. ♥ TaeYeon ~ 'Fine' Lyrics

2. Cover Up ~ ♥ TaeYeon - 'Cover' Up Lyrics

3. Feel So Fine ~ ♥ Feel So Fine Lyrics

4. I Got Love ~ ♥ TaeYeon 'I Got Love' Lyrics

5.I'm OK ~ TaeYeon 'I'm OK' Lyrics

6. Time Lapse ~ TaeYeon 'Time Lapse' Lyrics

7. Sweet Love ~ ♥ TaeYeon 'Sweet Love' Lyrics

8. When I Was Young ~ ♥ TaeYeon 'When I Was Young' Lyrics

9. Lonely Night ~ ♥ TaeYeon 'Lonely Night' Lyrics

10. Love in Color ~ ♥ TaeYeon 'Love in Color' Lyrics

11. Fire ♥ TaeYeon 'Fire' Lyrics

12. Eraser ~ ♥ TaeYeon 'Eraser' Lyrics

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