SNSD TaeYeon and SeoHyun express their love for SHINee's Jonghyun

Our condolences to Kim Jonghyun's family, friends, and fans.

Earlier this week, we were shocked by the news that SHINee's Jonghyun was found dead at his home, later on, it was confirmed that he committed suicide.

His body was laid to rest at his funeral on December 21st, and here are SNSD's TaeYeon and SeoHyun expressing their love for their friend~

"TaeYeon: Goodnight, our Jonghyun-ah. you worked hard today too. A picture we took after putting on makeup, because we wanted to take it when both of us were pretty. matching in pink. The day we sang lonely."

"SeoHyun: Although we sent oppa off on his final path.. O can't believe that it's reality.. Oppa's appearance that I watched by his side for over 10 years was always bright and passionate and you were such a cool person who would give happiness and laughter to the people around you... I admired you for singing on stage devoting all your strength and off the stage, I really liked oppa's humane side and the warm heart you possessed.. I thought you were always a strong and cool person.. I feel foolish for thinking that and I have a lot of regrets.. You were a colleague who was close to me but why couldn't I guess this heart of yours at all... Why couldn't I be any source of strength for you.. How difficult it must have been for you all this time... Now I know that you loved and endured unimaginable pain alone... I'm so sorry.. And you really worked hard all this time.. I will pray that you won't be in pain and rest comfortably now.. Jonghyun oppa who always shined, I will remember you forever."

SeoHyun and TaeYeon's Instagram

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